How to organize storage of things in the dressing room: a guide to action -


The cabinet is bursting with clothes, but you can not find anything in it? You just do not know how to organize storage. Today we will study

So you have a wardrobe, as well as clothing and accessories that exceed the capacity of the cabinet. What to do?

The first thing to do is to disassemble everythingthings are of the same type - I wear them all the time, I wear them every season, I put them on once a year, I've never worn them for the last year and a half. Items that fall under the latter type are best given in good hands, they only occupy a place.

Next, we turn to the organization of actualarticles of clothing. Not seasonal things are most logical to remove to the upper or lower shelves. Then things from the category "every day", should be divided by type and find out which items you have the most - dresses, jeans, suits, shoes or bags? The answer to this question will become a fundamental factor in the issue of upgrading the existing storage system.

Options for widening functional wardrobespaces there is now a great variety. And plus is that you do not need to invent anything, you just need to determine the equipment and find a person who owns a drill and the skills of its operation.

For example, a collection of jeans can be ordered atthe help of metal hooks and barbells, two dozen bags perfectly will be held directly on the door thanks to a special belt with hooks. In order not to drown in the sea of ​​socks and T-shirts, we recommend buying special organizers or dividers for boxes, and several studs will be enough for the studs. A fan of baseball caps is simply obliged to fix them onspecial clothespins and never again be afraid to mash the headgear with the logo of your favorite curling team. The fine half of the eternally scattered jewelry and glasses on the shelves and drawers, we want to spend the evening of the day off on the organization of compact storage systems on the doors of the cabinet. We believe in you.