Organization of space

How to place everything you need in a small bathroom: ideas and recommendations -


How to turn a small bathroom into a cozyMultifunctional space? What should I think about when choosing items of furniture and accessories? How to solve this complex and creative task - we found out from architects and manufacturers. It is hardly the most personal, individual place in the house - a bathroom, a direct reflection of our tastes and ideas about coziness, a place of complete relaxation and relaxation. And it often becomes the most problematic point in the house, the battlefield for living space. It is at the bathrooms that owners of small rooms try to win back centimeters, and even meters for their kitchens, corridors and living rooms. And it also happens that there is nothing to be fought for: the average footage of the sanitation of the Soviet "little family" is 2.7-3 square meters. What kind of design is there to talk about? Only about the best! Experts agree: work with "microspheres" is the most difficult, but also the most creative. And its result can exceed your expectations. Collection NEL, Mobalpa


Ilya Verin, architect:- You always need to start by filling the bathroom with the items you need. Decide for yourself what you are ready to give up for the sake of extra centimeters, and what you are not. Can you do without a bath? If yes, then put only a shower cabin - this will greatly save useful footage. Can you live without a bidet? Do you need to put appliances in the bathroom? For example a washing machine. The planning of the future premises will depend on the answer to these questions. Collection NEL, Mobalpa Collection NEL, Mobalpa If there is not enough room, and the washing machine is putIt is necessary, use high countertops under the sink. For families with small children this, of course, is not very convenient - you will have to provide a small mobile stand or stool for ease of use. But you will save space and achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Collection Manae Bleu, Mobalpa Collection Manae Bleu, Mobalpa Collection Manae Bleu, Mobalpa Artur Guchigov, Mobalpa: - Modern modular furniture for bathrooms allows ergonomic filling even the most non-standard rooms. You can place the machine under the countertop for the sink and close it with a beautiful door, and use the remaining space on the side or from the top for additional drawers and narrow drawers. There are cabinets and elements with built-in sockets - they are very convenient to use not only for washing machines, but also for smaller equipment: hair dryer, electric shaver, etc. Another useful offer Mobalpa - special holders for the dryer, magnifying mirrors and other elements. They aesthetically match the furniture and allow you to optimize the space without loss in design. Collection of Kendo, Mobalpa Collection Ibiza, Mobalpa Collection Ibiza, Mobalpa Collection Jim, Mobalpa In small roomsEvery centimeter should work, so in small bathrooms use niches as much as possible, hidden shelves inside the riser compartment, etc. It is believed that space will look easier and freer, the less "superfluous" elements in it. But those that are indispensable can take on several roles at once. An excellent solution, for example, hanging cabinets with mirrors instead of doors, open shelves of various modifications and non-standard modules. Collection Ibiza Mirroir, Mobalpa Collection NEL, Mobalpa Collection NEL, Mobalpa Collection NEL, Mobalpa Artur Guchigov, Mobalpa: - Our model Ibiza Mirroir, for example, thanks to its small depth modules (34 cm) makes it easy to move the cabinets to the bathroom. Another good option is the optimization of the interior space of the boxes thanks to a designer accessory for cosmetics with a lot of plastic boxes. They are attached from the inside of the facade and allow you to maintain order among the necessary trifles: ear buds, cotton pads, etc. In the new model NEL, for example, there are modules with three drawers of this design, and the average color of the box can be changed without changing the cost. Collection Ibiza Mirroir, Mobalpa Collection NEL, Mobalpa Collection Ibiza, Mobalpa

Great tricks for small spaces

In order for your little kingdomLooked comfortable and proportionate, with the redevelopment, do not forget about simple, but effective methods of visual "expansion" of space. For example, it is believed that high ceilings help create a sense of "air". In small and narrow rooms this principle does not work. On the contrary, you may have a feeling of "chimney sweep in the chimney". To avoid this, the ceilings in bathrooms, on the contrary, are omitted. If you use a semi-glossy or glossy material and the possibility of lighting around the perimeter, which "tears" the walls from the ceiling and floor, the feeling of lightness and weightlessness that will appear is necessary. Ilya Verin, architect:“Many architects recommend that we plan our bathrooms so that daylight enters in. Good advice! Remember the "Khrushchevs" - five-story buildings, in which there was a window from the kitchen to the bathroom. This helps to save energy and adds lightness and breadth to the room. Another option is to fold the wall of a small bathroom or part of it from frosted glass blocks. It will immediately seem much larger, and it will be impossible to see the person inside.

Color, texture and shape

Sensation and perception of color is a veryindividual. There are people who like small bathrooms-capsules. But if you are not a fan of such decisions, avoid dark materials in small rooms. In addition to the pressing feelings that they often create, this is also impractical. Bathroom - a wet area, and you have to constantly wipe the stains from the dark matte surfaces. Collection DAO, Mobalpa Collection DAO, Mobalpa Manhattan Collection, Mobalpa Ilya Verin, architect:- Avoid complex, baroque shapes in modest footage. Such items look great in large rooms. And in small areas, the fewer eye-catching surfaces, the better. Use light materials, clear and simple lines, furniture that strives for minimalism - then there will be more air and light. The same applies to the choice of plumbing. Bright and colorful items that you thought were beautiful on a stand in a large store, in your small bathroom, can greatly disappoint you. Collection Loa chêne scié gris, Mobalpa Collection Loa basalte, Mobalpa Collection Como / Sign, Mobalpa Look good inSmall rooms "soaring mydodyry" and cabinets. They are attached to the wall, and not put on the floor, and give the impression that there is still plenty of space even where there is none at all. Another good reception - high monolithic columns without ornaments, from floor to ceiling, which "merge" with the walls and seem to be their continuation. They are quite narrow, fit well into non-standard rooms and help to win a lot of storage space. Collection Ibiza Blue, Mobalpa Collection Jim, Mobalpa Collection Ibiza Blue, Mobalpa

Common Mistakes

Strength, benefits and beauty - just in thisthe order formulated the basic laws of architecture by the great architect Vitruvius in the 1st century BC. But we always strive to swap them. And in most cases - in vain. Ilya Verin, architect: - First of all, think about the people who will use the bathroom. If there is an obese person in the family, you should not save space by using small plumbing, if tall, think about the distance to wall cabinets, etc. When I plan such rooms, I always try to "live" in them - to mark the location of future objects with boxes and try to perform standard actions: reach for something, take something off or put it somewhere. Is the toilet properly positioned? Are the shelves hanging safely? Is there toilet paper or a shelf in the shower at hand? The beauty of an uncomfortable room won't give you any pleasure. Another typical error of self-repairIn bathrooms - a thoughtless turn or transfer of engineering communications on the big distances from the basic riser. In most cases, the aesthetic effect does not last long. After 2-3 years, when in the pipes, through which waste water flows, dirt accumulates, the owners face an unpleasant smell. Do not forget that the bathroom - a very wet room, and therefore all items should be made of materials for this calculated. Savings in this case can lead to high costs. Arthur Guchigov, Mobalpa:- The demand for the quality of furniture for such complex spaces as bathrooms is very high. Otherwise, it will not last long. We have a special technical center at the Mobalpa factory, which first checks all components and materials, and then the finished item that is made of them. There is a special machine (pressure chamber), where various harmful conditions for furniture are created: negative and positive temperatures, high humidity, changes in this humidity and the effect of water directly on the surface. In it, we check each element for aging. If a product fails the tests, it does not go into mass production or sale. Collection Manae bouton d, Mobalpa Collection Loa chêne scié gris, Mobalpa Collection Loa chêne scié gris, Mobalpa Collection Osaka bleu, Mobalpa