How to place everything you need in a narrow hallway: 5 practical tips

In your apartment is a narrow hallway, and there is nothingfit? There are excellent interior solutions that can completely change the small entrance hall. To the discussion, we attracted experienced designers who already worked with such projects. The hallway is the visiting card of every home. It carries an important communication function: a person comes from the street home, the guest comes into the house, and the first thing he sees is the hallway. Often in a typical housing this room is not too large, irregular in shape, narrow and elongated. To solve the problem with interior zoning, you need to try very hard. But for our designers, nothing is impossible. Initially, the hallway must beLight colors, with a minimum of external (not built-in walls) furniture and with good lighting. If the furniture does not work, then it's better if it belongs to the classic style with elements of minimalism. Marina Vostrikova, the architect of the design studio GuruDesign: - The most simple way to balance the proportions of the hallway is to divide it into two main zones: the entrance ("dirty") with a dressing room, shoe cabinets, hangers and a hall, which can open the doors of bathrooms and storerooms. Visually, the zones can be distinguished by different levels of ceilings, different floor coverings, color. The number of the hall areas is determined by the wishes of the hosts. In the entrance area is usually placed a guest hanger, shoe cabinet, large mirror with backlight, banquet or ottoman and built-in (if the layout allows) a wardrobe. In the lobby area - an open shelf for small items. Separate attention should be paid to howthe front door will open. It should not interfere with anything, whatever the room. A small closet, a mirror and a bedside table are the obligatory elements of any hallway.

Keeping things in the hallway

If the hallway allows, you need to use the built-in closet, even if it is shallow - the sliding doors to the ceiling will hide the clothes and things will look neat. Combinations "an open top shelf with hooks or a bar for hangers under it + an open bench with shoe shelves" can also look very impressive. Modular system of open hangers and shelves for dressing rooms offers solutions that can be transformed depending on the season. Use of shirts and slim-closets can save space. Now many workshops make inexpensive and high-quality cabinets for compact hallways. There is a choice. In the storage of accessories will help the upper cabinets,open shelf-consoles, floor baskets. On the floor baskets it is worth paying more attention. They are not only comfortable, beautiful, but also ergonomic. Suitable for almost any interior, they can easily be rearranged if necessary. According to Annika Larsen, a designer from Berlin(Germany), the scourge of all modern premises is a lack of lighting. Whatever small hallway was not, and light walls, high-quality lighting and a large mirror will make it not only stylish, but also visually large. Opinion of the editorial office: - Narrow hallway is not a verdict. A few simple and practically useful tricks with walls, built-in wardrobes and the right choice of lighting perfectly save the situation. Also, we recommend consulting a designer who has already done such projects - it will pay off. You will not spend twice as much on building materials as the interior requires.,,