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How to place everything you need in a small kitchen: 25 design hacks

Think that your kitchen is so small thatplace on it all you can not? Are you sure that you are using its potential to the maximum? We will show you some tricky ways of creating additional storage sites. Recently we wrote about the genius ideas of their simplicity that are capable. Today we want to continue a series of articles about modern design hacks. This time we will talk about the kitchen and how to find additional places for storing numerous kitchen utensils.

1. Hang a magnetic or cork board on the inside of the cabinet door. On it you can store recipes and various trifles.

2. If you dream of a chalkboard in the kitchen, to save space, it can also be placed inside the cabinet.

3. Make the walls work. Hang pans and pans on a perforated wallboard.

4. Use a magnetic holder to store the blades. It can be placed in any place convenient for you, both vertically and horizontally.

5. Another convenient way to store the knives - in the sheath, fixed under the locker.

6. Do not be afraid to place on the shelves something that does not fit into the lockers.

7. Instead of magnets decorate the fridge jars for spices.

8. Equip the maximum of cabinets with drawers. They are convenient and save space.

9. Use every free piece of wall in the kitchen.

10. Do not forget about the side walls of cabinets.

11. Baskets on magnets will significantly increase the efficiency of using the refrigerator.

12. Hang the pots and pans to the ceiling.

13. Inconvenient corner cabinets can also be adapted for storing pans, using pendant hooks.

14. The chopping board can temporarily increase the working surface area.

15. Flexible folder holders - an excellent alternative to internal shelves.

16. And even if the lockers are clogged from the bottom to the top, you can still hang on the inside of the door potholders or towels.

17. Install plastic handrails: not in order to hold on to them, but for convenient storage of lids from pots.

18. Optimize shelves with additional shelves.

19. Store pans and cutting boards in folder holders.

20. Kitchen trolley - this is an additional working surface, and a buffet table, and storage space.

21. And even a narrow kitchen cart can optimize the kitchen space.

22. Folding table: it is here when you need and disappears when it is required.

23. Individual approach to furniture design solves many problems.

24. Do not ignore the space above the cupboards.

25. The bottom of the locker can also be used wisely.