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How to choose the right shower -


If you want to buy a shower cabinthere are many things to think about. How to correctly and competently approach this issue - we give advice and interview specialists. Old bathtub tired? Does the shower need to be replaced? Bathroom and need a substantial space saving? Are you attracted by the aesthetics and functionality of a full shower enclosure? We tried to highlight the topic of the selection of the latter as much as possible, so that all aspects of the problem could be solved, as they say, “on the shore”. Before you start picking up your interiorbathroom shower instead of a bathtub, you must go through the approval procedure in the BTI. This applies to those cases when you want something new in an established space. Large plumbing fixtures are always displayed on the BTI plans, therefore, when replacing a position or unit, a documentary change in the plan must also be made. Having done this, you can proceed to the selection of a cabin based on the size of the room, desires and, most importantly, financial capabilities. Nina Novikova, "Hogarth Art": - When starting to choose, it is important to determine the desired type of product for yourself: a cabin with a pallet and a roof or a curtain with a pallet / without a pallet, as well as dimensions, manufacturer and the desired set of functions - presence / absence of chromotherapy, aromatherapy, hydromassage, steam / Turkish bath options. These options are either included in the shower cabin, or, in the case of curtains, can be implemented using additional equipment. Shower cabin type They can be closed andopen. The first ones are distinguished by the fact that they are completely sealed and form a single internal space between the ceiling, walls and the pallet, allowing you to expand the range of functions many times over, not limited to the shower. Of course, the disadvantage of such a system will be the price, so basically an open version is selected, which is attached to the wall and does not close from above. The resulting element is more of a shower enclosure, but not a full-fledged cabin. Nina Novikova, Hogarth Art: - The advantage of the cabin is that it is a turnkey solution, sealed and functional, requiring no additional effort in choosing a method of draining water, massage nozzles, shower and so on. Disadvantages - standard sizes and configurations, limited height (as a rule, cabins are inconvenient to use for people taller than 185 cm), less choice of design. The advantages of curtains are the ability to choose a product for every taste and size, to equip it functionally at your own request, as well as a wide selection of decor and design. Cons - humidity in the room due to the absence of a roof, the need in most cases to use ladders built into the floor and / or walls, elements of overhead showers, hydromassage nozzles, more complex installation and connection of the entire system as a whole. Tray The main dimensional characteristic of the showerthe cabin is a pallet, which immediately sets the compactness parameter (the width range is from 60 to 200 centimeters). Depending on the shape - square, semicircle, rectangle - the appearance of the entire structure will change. If the pallet is high (about 20-30 centimeters), then you will have to step over it to get inside, but it will be possible to carry out some water procedures that are impossible with a low and flat version. This type of pallet is also undesirable for slow draining. And for those who are used to washing only in the bathtub, there are combined options, in which in one part there is a full-fledged shower cabin, and in the other there is an opportunity to lie down in the water and relax. Vadim Matevosyants, interior designer: - I prefer metal pallets with enamel, but this is not such a democratic option. There are also acrylic pallets, which are very budgetary, but whimsical to operate. You need to be careful with detergents. Most often they come complete with glass curtains and a shower system, as well as a hydromassage. Material When choosing a shower cabin, a specialattention should be paid to the material of the pallet. The gradation includes: cast iron, steel, acrylic, ceramics (sanitary ware, sanitary ware), artificial and natural stone, Creon. Acrylic is the most popular, it is loved for its ease of maintenance, practicality and low price. The steel pallet has high strength and thermal conductivity, but not sound insulation. Therefore, it is characterized by a very strong noise of water droplets falling on the surface, especially with a small sheet thickness. But cast iron will be the most durable and reliable option, although its price (and weight) is too high. The ceramic tray is prone to chips and scratches, but is otherwise durable and beautiful. And don't forget the anti-slip embossed coating on the pallet! Nina Novikova, Hogarth Art: - I recommend paying attention only to well-known European brands, whose products really meet high quality standards. Such as Kermi, Duka, Teuco, Huppe - each of these manufacturers has their own high-tech developments that allow to increase the service life of the product, as well as to make its use as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Cab The geometric dimensions of the pallet should beat least 80 centimeters in length and width, so that in the cockpit you can at least turn around and raise your arms. The height depends on the ceiling of the bathroom, but generally ranges from 170 to 270 centimeters. Doors are installed either hinged, or swing-sliding, or sliding. The roller mechanism for opening the latter significantly saves space, so they are usually chosen. Wall material - glass or plastic - should be selected based on the budget and expectations for operational reliability. The frame is made of aluminum or the same plastic. You should also pay attention to the transparency of the wall and its thickness (from 3 to 10 centimeters). Vadim Matevosyants, interior designer: - It is necessary to choose a shower cabin first of all on the basis of its size. The standard desired size for the cab is 900 x 900 mm. When planning, it is better to lay this particular size and more. When there is very little space, you can get by with dimensions of 800 x 800 millimeters. Read also:. How to take a shower Standard equipment -mixer and faucet. But the more expensive the cabin, the more interesting control system options are offered by manufacturers. A special console allows you to adjust the temperature, hydromassage modes, flow rate, ventilation, number of jets, set a timer and even turn on music and receive phone calls. All information is displayed, and you can even control it remotely from the remote control. Vadim Matevosyants, interior designer: - They also come with a built-in sauna and a kind of functional mixing of a bath and shower. I try to choose cabins with an overhead shower ("tropical rain") and a hand shower. I also advise you to pay attention to such an addition as foot massage, and be sure to look closely at the presence of forced ventilation. And if you are a music lover, then choose a shower cabin with a radio or Bluetooth system. Additional functions Closed cabins are equipped withmirrors, shelves, shampoo dispensers, headrests, seats, and their functional characteristics can be very wide. Ozonation, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, contrast showers, the atmosphere of a hammam or a Finnish bath - and that's not all. Hydromassage of all parts of the body is possible due to the seemingly chaotic arrangement of the nozzles throughout the entire volume. The required pressure is 3 atmospheres, but if the pressure in the house is weak, there are cabins operating at 1.5 bar. Nina Novikova, Hogarth Art: - What nice and useful additions you should pay attention to:

  • Water repellent coating - facilitates cleaning and contributes to the preservation of glass cleanliness;
  • Special mechanisms that allow the car / curtain doors to be opened both inside and outside;
  • Possibility to decorate the glass;
  • Possibility to use with curtains pallets cut from the size of various materials, as well as ladders with a wide selection of grids of various designs to create a unique bathroom.