The interior of a small living room

How to save space in a small living room - design tips

A cozy evening, you're just going to stayon the couch in front of the TV. You are looking for a control panel and, unfortunately, you stumble over a bulky coffee table and face to face with your beloved rug. I wish I had more space in this living room! .. Do you know? And you are not alone. Even the lucky ones with more spacious halls often complain that they do not have enough space for recreational activities, imposing reclining on the couch, and general family rest. To summarize: if remodeling is not foreseen, we must make optimal use of what we have. And there is no better way to do this, how to rethink the strategy for choosing a design! If you live in a big city, most likely you are the owner of a condo or apartment that is not as large as you would like. Or maybe you have a big family, and the living room becomes the center of events. Do not worry! By arranging your home with the “right” furniture, you can create the illusion of a large space. Not to mention the fact that you, dear readers of the Little Interiors, will have a place for free movement around the room.

Choosing compact furniture

Let's start with the obvious. If you have a small room, do not make it bulky furniture. Choose items of life on the one hand small enough to fit into your room, but on the other hand large enough to fulfill its role. For example, the CB2 Cielo Shadow Loveseat is ideal for a compact room: And here is another great example: the Flex Orange Sleeper sofa is also from CB2. This bright and cute sofa unfolds, and accordingly your guests will be where to stay for the night. Narrow living space requires appropriatepieces of furniture. If your living room is longer than wide, get something long and narrow. Such as this combination of a sofa, a newspaper table and a shelf-console (Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture)

Buy modular furniture

Another great solution for arrangingsmall space is the use of modular furniture. Look at the Lotus Natural Sectional Pieces (CB2) headset, its shape and configuration can be changed depending on the need. One of the most popular modular optionsThe ensemble is a composite table. You want one long table - combine its two components, you need free space in the center of the room - place them in the corners or on both sides of the sofa. (Home Glamor Now) A great option is to purchase small tables, easily transformed into stools. With such an abundance of stools you have exactly enough space for each guest. (Stephanie Wiley Photography)

Let each element be meaningful.

When it comes to lack of space, it is important to givefunctionality every design element. Note that for particularly compact rooms you need to stick to the idea “the less furniture, the better.” They will gain charm and comfort due to carefully selected exhibits. This can be seen by looking at the design of the room below. Everything: a bright sofa, a striped bowl, an original vase - gives the room a sense of artistic taste. (Roger Hirsch Architect) A similar note "a little, but cozy" is seen through here. A curved lamp, a sectional sofa and a square coffee table contribute to the balance of the room design. These things, though quite majestic, but do not cause a feeling of lack of space. (Mark Newman Design) Look at another use case.sectional sofa and square coffee table. Add a big flower to the composition and you are guaranteed the elegance of the lobby. And these textured walls? Elegant and unusual. (Ocean Gecko Designs and Marine Services) Below we see the living room that seducesthe elegance of antiquity: wicker chairs, round brass table, lush green. Each thing is chosen with care, as evidenced by a selection of textures, bright colors, the intricacies of decorative details. (Cheryl Burke Interior Design) As a final copy to the section“Each element is significant”, we present the Julius Grass Storage Ottoman from CB2. If there is not enough space, why not choose furniture that will be multifunctional? Ottoman will give a lot: extra storage, rest for your legs, extra seating for guests.

Combine glass and acrylic

Now it's time to demonstrate the mostPopular design secrets: the illusion of extra space, created by transparent furniture. Transparent things seem to dissolve in the space of the room. At the same time, acrylic details add chic, creating a modern tint, and sometimes even real glamor. (Dawna Jones Design) Using transparent elements in the interior, notshould be limited to products made of plexiglass. Try to make elements of real glass such as this glass table, shown below. Transparent detail as if floating in space and takes up less space. (Cary Bernstein Architect) Another important rule: brilliant + reflective = increased space. Take a look at this room. Thanks to the brilliant details and mirror surfaces, it is difficult to imagine that the room is small. Brilliantly! (Design Studio B) Now in the market appears more and made of acrylic, it is all kinds of consoles, tables, whatnot and more. How do you like, for example, this Peekaboo Clear Media console? Transparent and practical. Compact and perfect.

Creative solution for storage

Of course, you will not use your room inAs a warehouse, however, how not to twist, you have to post some things here. Things like DVDs, magazines, books, collectibles require space. Few owners are content in the room only with furniture and a few vases. It is good that manufacturers, such as West Elm, create furniture for our convenience, which helps us to solve such problems. (Industrial Metal TV Cart) For a more sophisticated style, take, for example, Rustic Storage Tables also from West Elm. Deep drawers provide a secluded spot for things, and they themselves are practically hidden from the curious glance. Do not underestimate the power of hanging shelves. Do you like this invisible bookshelf from Urban Outfitters? It is covered with a special coating and is hidden from view. If you do not like small objects to be placed here and there, decorate your room with an original shelf, plant at least unique decorative ornaments on it. (Urban Outfitters) Creating your room, following the abovedesign tricks, you can transform a small room space. It is likely that you simply do not have enough space to decorate it at the same time with all the wonderful things you possess. In this case, buy yourself a few plastic containers and pack too much. From time to time it is possible to swap places hidden and exposed. Finally, I would like to remind you that sometimes, the less, the better. Maybe it's time to get rid of clumsy, not useful, old and broken things?