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How to Secure a Home for a Child: Simple but Effective Rules


What measures need to be taken to ensure thatMake the house safe for the child, what new gadgets are offered by manufacturers to prevent the possibility of getting babies injuries? Let's talk about this and make our homes safer. Residential space simply has to be the safest place on earth for each of us, and even more so for toddlers who, from an early age, may encounter unpleasant surprises in the house. Young children are always curious, they are interested inThe world around them, which they are constantly exploring. And as you know, one of the most effective ways to know the world is the experience gained. However, in order to experience the baby was positive and did not leave negative memories, it is necessary to make the house safe for the child. What is the danger in the house for the child andwhat measures to take If you take precautions in a timely manner, the home will be safe for the baby. To do this, parents need to check and prepare each room. Dressers, wardrobes and shelving First, all tall and heavy furniture must be securely fastened. This will prevent her from toppling over if a curious toddler decides to climb onto a shelf or dresser. Secondly, the cabinet doors must be closed with special plastic brackets that the child cannot open. It is necessary to close the doors of all cabinets, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, since household chemicals can be stored there. Sockets and extension cords Extension cords and wirespose a danger to everyone, as the cable could be accidentally caught and connected devices to fall or topple over. But sockets are more dangerous for children who still do not know how to properly handle them. The sockets in the house where there is a small child must be safe, for example, you can install special sockets with a flat front panel, like Legrand. Doors Doors need to install specialconstipation so that the child cannot pinch his fingers. If the doors have glass inserts, it is important that the glass has bright stickers, as is done in shopping malls, in order to draw attention to the glass sheet. Curtain hinges and blinds cords While a childsmall, it is better to abandon the loops and grabs for curtains. This also applies to blinds, as the baby can get tangled in their ropes. It is better to replace ordinary blinds with “Shottis” paper blinds from IKEA. They also block out bright sunlight, and use clamps instead of ropes to adjust them. You can install such blinds on the windows yourself in 15 minutes, since they are fastened with Velcro and you don't have to drill anything. Water temperature drops Water supply linesin our homes are imperfect, and often there are both drops in water temperature and a change in the pressure of its supply. To avoid these disadvantages, you can install plumbing fixtures with a built-in thermostat, like the Grohe brand, which has developed a special TurboStat technology. This technology allows you to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water, which will forever eliminate the need to dodge cold or too hot water in the shower. Windows Windows are of particular interest to children,therefore they must be installed securely. It is equally important that the child cannot open the frame on his own - you should use special models with removable handles or protect the windows from opening with special locks. Windows of this kind can be ordered from Eurostyle Service. There are also window blockers on sale that lock the frames. Kitchen equipment The kitchen is the most dangerous placefor the baby, since it contains equipment and complex mechanisms. It is best not to allow the child to be in the kitchen unattended, but just in case, you need to provide the following safety measures:

  • All doors of cabinets should be closed on special blockers from children;
  • mobile equipment (electric kettle, toaster, etc.) must be disconnected from the mains and placed outside the reach of the child;
  • on the hob panel, the child protection mode must be switched on, the same applies to the oven;
  • if you have a gas cooker with manual controls, you need to close them with special lids that will not allow the kid to accidentally turn on the gas supply;
  • The hob needs to be closed after each use, now many manufacturers have equipped similar covers with their plates.

The child is the greatest happiness in the family, so it is important that happiness live in a safe and cozy home.