How to choose wallpaper for the hall and how to combine them

The wallpaper design for the hall is inconstant modernization. The latest trends offer different options for decorating the room: from color to texture. In the course are not only paper wallpapers of various textures, but also their combination with stone, tile, plasterboard, etc. A room with a combined wallpaperIf you want an unusual and memorableroom, then you can choose the option of combining several types of wallpaper. Pasting wallpaper in the hall is necessary for the entire arrangement of the apartment. Naked or painted with one paint wall is not suitable for the hall. In this room you need to use modern types of wallpaper, which create the necessary design of the walls:

  • paper;
  • liquid;
  • vinyl;
  • textile;
  • glass walls;
  • non-woven wallpaper.

Methods for wallpapering include the following: Washable, with a glossy surface or applied gloss, with varying degrees of environmental friendliness and elasticity. You should take into account the arrangement of furniture in the room. In accordance with the general style of the room you need to choose the design of the wallpaper sticker. If the hall is dominated by the minimalism style, then it makes sense to cover the walls horizontally. If the hall is intensively furnished, then the advantage is better to give to the vertical pasting, in which the whole wall will be involved.

Design of labels in the horizons

This kind of decoration of the walls took root in the apartmentslong. The idea is to glue the bottom or top of the walls with wallpaper in a strip, and the top area with one color. Or vice versa. The hue of the top should correspond to one of the colors present in the striped version. This design of the sticker eliminates the excess of colors. Use of 3 shades will be enough. For the lower canvas, a width of at least 1 m is allowed. The wallpaper along the horizon is glued from top to bottom using a curb tape. Horizontally pasted wallpaper allows you to visuallyexpand the room. The latter is superimposed on the joints of the sheets not only for decorative purposes, but also in order to hide possible flaws in gluing, small crevices when the wallpaper is docked. The horizontal stripes visually extend the hall. Vertical ideally stretched room, so they better seal rooms with low ceilings. Exquisite compositions such as a combination of fabric top and paper bottom, stone relief below and smooth texture in the upper half of the walls will be sought. If the width of the bottom and the top is very different, you can use wooden slats or moldings to decorate the walls. Especially beautiful it will look on wallpaper with a textile base. Back to contents</a>

Design of labels on verticals

This type of wall decoration wallpaper more and moreis being improved. Thanks to the fashionable zoning of apartments, it is possible to combine wallpaper today with stripes that differ in color, relief, pattern and pattern. Such ways of pasting wallpaper in the room allow you to zonate the room, allocate separately standing pieces of furniture, a fireplace. A table of harmonious colors and shades for matching wallpapers. With vertical gluing, the following options for combining wallpapering can be possible:

  • 2 contrasting colors;
  • 2 colors (lighter and darker) of one scale;
  • 4 colors;
  • combination of sheets with patterns and monochromatic;
  • combination of different patterns with the application of molding.

Thus, with the wallpaper of 1 color, the necessaryzone, the rest of the hall space is glued with wallpaper of the 2nd color. You can use the alternation of wallpaper sheets, pasting this technique all over the room. In this case, the alignment of the wallpaper with the pattern and with a monophonic surface will ideally look. Even more original looks the interior, if different on the color of wallpaper to cover all 4 walls. Molding allocate a wallpaper zone on the wall to which the fireplace or home theater comes into contact. The idea of ​​using striped wallpaper is also applicable to vertical wallpapering. On the wall in the room, which includes a seating area with a sofa, you can use wallpaper with a picture. The opposite wall, on which, according to the rules of the interior, the TV is placed, paste a striped wallpaper wallpaper. This sticker is carried out with the help of wide wallpaper rolls. Back to contents</a>

Hall with wallpapers and inserts

In this idea of ​​the interior there is nothing old-fashioned. A photographic pattern on the wallpaper has undergone a lot of design improvements. Today, walls with photo wallpapers look original and fresh. Wall-papers are recommended to combine with light colors and easier reliefs on other walls of the hall. It is better to glue them on a wall to which a soft corner refers. Coat inserts can be of a completely different size than the main wallpaper, contrasting colors and textures. They can distinguish the corners, lamps on the ceiling and sconces, niches and shelves, the opening of the windows and doors of the hall. When finishing, it is necessary to take into account the use of the appropriate adhesive and the degree of preparation of the walls for pasting. With the help of this knowledge, wallpaper stickers will be easier and more effective.