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How to spend money on repairs with pleasure: French designer's loft


How to successfully make repairs to an old apartmentbecame stylish and interesting? Let's see how the French designer managed it, who mixed several styles in one interior, used natural materials and skillfully distributed the budget.Today we go to the outskirts of Paris - the Ile-de-France region, the city of Malakoff. It was here, in the former building of a garment factory, that the designer Regis Dho settled. Design is his way of life. He needs nature for inspiration, and this place is surrounded by a wonderful garden. What was he guided by when he created a house for himself? And what came of it? Régis Deaux, designer, interior designer began his career as a stylist with Pierre Cardin. And now he is a self-confident designer who develops and creates his own line of luxurious home lingerie and fine porcelain. He developed his own style, which expressed the main idea in the interior - exclusivity and quality.

Elegant loft

In the interior, Régis Do primarily valuesexclusivity and quality of materials. He himself works with a very demanding audience and knows a lot about it. To decorate his own home, he chose an American loft style. Here the designer decided to place everything necessary in one space (200 sq. M.), Without partitions: living room area, kitchen, dining room and office. The designer considers the bedroom to be a private area and separated it from the common area. In the interior, the emphasis is placed on the quality of the materials of all items. The place of residence also left its mark. Régis was born in a country where beauty and contrasts are in harmony. His life is connected with art, so French influence and sophistication are felt in the design. Exotic items add an element of mystery to the interior.

Combining incongruous

Régis created space for himself and for himself.He wanted to be calm and comfortable here. An important role in this is played by natural materials and iconic interior items and how competently they are selected. Please note that in the living area, armchairs and a sofa from Mis en Demeure and a duet of tables from IKEA harmoniously coexist. The designers of the Mis en Demeure factory create pieces of furniture with elements of antiquity. All products are handmade of Italian quality, with a touch of French style. They fit not only into classic interiors, but also into unconventional styles such as this eclectic one. At the same time, IKEA products are distinguished by their simplicity of form and modern sound. And they coexist peacefully in one composition. Our opinion: - Different shapes are also perfectly combined in the living room. For example, an elephant chair and a butterfly chair are in perfect harmony next door. The secret of their compatibility is that their shapes have smooth lines, and this unites them. And the exotic skin on the butterfly chair echoes the color of the painting. Vibrant exotic objects bring the space to life and make it more mysterious.

Elegant dining room and modern kitchen

This part of the house looks elegant and modern.The owner of the premises himself develops the design and creates interior items. He is guided by the experience of world masters and prefers only the best. It is therefore not surprising that he has exclusive Murano glass cups, plates from the Imperial Porcelain Factory Deshoulieres and cutlery made in the finest French traditions. The presence of a large oak table speaks of the hospitality of the owner. See how the table transforms with premium cookware for an elite lifestyle.

Forms matter

There are many square items in the interior.But for the owner of the premises, it is too easy. To make the house look more attractive and interesting, the designer introduced round and flowing shapes into the space. Even one small detail can create a new original atmosphere in a room. Notice how this works in the bedroom, where the original stumps are used instead of the bedside table. Our opinion: - The shape of the room can be changed with well-chosen furniture. To cut the sharpness of square shapes, buy a corner cabinet. Chairs with rounded backs will help to enhance the effect. We can observe this option on the example of this interior in the dining area.

Lighting in the style of VIP

Since the windows in the house are small, in the working areathere is a lack of light. For the same reason, this part of the space is decorated in light colors. Also, more daylight enters the office thanks to the visual effect when the light from the window reflects off the IKEA bookshelves. Additional lighting is provided by exclusive lamps from the Italian brand Flos. They pretend to be art objects in the interior and are the favorites of fashion designers. Régis Do was no exception and chose products from a well-known company.

Bathroom: quality and health

The bathroom is not large.The emphasis here is also on quality. Therefore, in the decoration of the bathroom we used Brazilian black granite, Carrara marble, functional and comfortable mixers from the Italian manufacturer Zucchetti. Natural marble provided an excellent decorative effect. In addition, apparently, the owner of the premises takes care of his health. This material is known to have excellent antibacterial properties.