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How to store women's shoes: 10 design hacks, 20 ideas

Let's be honest - even if we can find a convenientway of storing the existing shoes, this does not mean that you stop buying a new one, so the constant search for solutions for its storage is inevitable. We found 20 fresh ideas for you. Keeping shoes is an inexhaustible topic. We are used to using special cabinets and shelves for this, but it's worth going beyond. Decide - how do you want to store shoes? Away from the eyes or in sight? Chaotic or organized? In the bedroom?

Entrance hall

Problems are lack and street dust. Why not build a nice shed for boots in the country? And in the city apartment there is a place for a tray with river pebbles, and all the dirt will remain in one place.


Space under the bed often collects onlygarbage, but if there is enough space, it is there that you can arrange storage of shoes. For convenience, arrange the shelf on the wheels. Or take a large tray for the same purpose.


Sometimes shoes can become an element of decorinterior. A worthy keeper of your treasures will be an antique cupboard or glass hood - for the pearls of the collection. Another option is a composition of the brightest specimens on the wall. Ideal for high-heeled shoes. One tip: keep the shoes in perfect condition.


If you treat shoes as exhibits of the museum -not to do without cataloging. Lifshak: the hours spent to print a photo of each pair and to attach to the box will be compensated in the meantime, which you will save, going to the exit.

On the pipe

Sometimes I want to create something for my petsunexpected. These two options for using the pipe - metal or PVC - will make your house look like a museum of modern art. Required: saw, pipe, agility.


Stepladder - for demonstration of shoes. Shelves inside the steps - in order to be sure: in the dark you will not stumble over the shoes forgotten in the pass.


Interesting use for other purposesdesigned containers - bright buckets are ideal for storing compact shoes, for example, vatnamok. Now you can have a new pair of each color.


Conventional baskets - a universal waymaintain order. Hide what you do not need to see, minutes are enough to hide the superfluous, and they look ecologically and cute. Minus - shoes will be a heap, nekratistam not like it.


And such a decision pedants will appreciate. Use open shelves or glazed bookcases - beautifully, neatly, laid out, as they say, on the shelves.


Unexpected idea: shelf in the form of a rotating drum. You can untwist it and choose shoes at random, you can turn the wheel into an object of art, placing the shoes according to the colors of the rainbow. Or you can build a shelf in an individual project.,