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How did Moscow make a kitchen overlooking Manhattan?

According to the author and presenter of the TV project “Madewith taste ”by Lena Usanova, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Today we will tell you how to create a functional art space for a large family out of an unfinished and empty kitchen. The task of the new TNT TV project "Made in Taste" is to "pump over" an old and uncomfortable kitchen with the help of experienced designers. The heroes of the first program were Michael and Olya - a young family with two children. Michael and Olya Michael and Olya have been married for 4 years, but the prolonged renovation in their apartment has significantly spoiled their life. There is practically no furniture and even a stove in the kitchen, so the hostess prepares meals for a large family in a multicooker. Michael and Olya are a very temperamental couple, so the designer's task was not only to create the most functional space, but also to bring original stylistic solutions to the interior. The only bright spot in the old kitchen was a faded poster overlooking Manhattan, the heroine's favorite place. Designer Tatyana Zhivolupova took this detail as a basis for the idea of ​​a design project. Tatyana Zhivolupova, interior designer Tatyana Zhivolupova has 10 years of professional practice behind her, creating interiors of apartments and country houses in Russia and abroad. Under her leadership, a private design studio was created in Moscow, and her extensive work experience allowed us to bring together a group of first-class specialists.

Old kitchen

Kitchen after repair

Since the only pieces of furniture inthe old kitchen had only plastic chairs, a broken sofa, and from the technology - a microwave oven and a multicooker, the designer's imagination was not limited. First of all, the designer thought over the functionality of the kitchen. Tatyana Zhivolupova planned the working area opposite the window, thereby increasing the illumination of the surface. The new kitchen made it possible to accommodate all the necessary equipment: refrigerator, dishwasher, hob, oven. A very convenient and functional solution was the waste disposer installed in the sink. The kitchen area is only 10 sq.m, so in order to visually expand the space, the designer suggested installing hidden doors, without platbands and in the color of the walls. The main accent of the interior was the wall with the image of the New York street. The designer embodied it by applying a fresco to a sheet of drywall, retreating from the wall by 10 cm. The image enlarges the space, leveling the dark shades of the walls and the backsplash. Between the wall and the drywall sheet, there is an LED backlighting, when turned on, an imitation of burning city windows is created. Part of the fresco above the work surface is covered with tempered glass to avoid splashes and drops. Another interesting design find was the table, stylized as the Brooklyn Bridge. The base of the base is stone panels, and the surface is tempered glass. The walls of the kitchen are decorated with texturedbrutal gray plaster. On the floor there is a light laminate that matches the color of the kitchen facades. The wall and kitchen countertop are covered with a beautiful chocolate color mosaic. The lamps above the dining area and the clock, selected taking into account the chosen loft style, became interesting accessories. As a result, within a short time frame, the designer and the “Made in Taste” project team managed to transform an empty, uncomfortable kitchen space into an elegant and stylish loft-style interior.