How to choose a laminate to the doors is more practical (colors)


When choosing a floor covering, it is necessarypay attention to the environment. For example, in order to be correct, it is necessary to take into account its combination with the color of the door leaves in the room. The floor material should be in perfect harmony with the interior doors, give the furnishings stylistic features. Combination of laminate with doorsTo create the correct room design, the laminate should go well with the doors in the room.

Neutral colors

Find the door and laminate the right shade is notas simple as it seems. It is necessary to pay attention to how the colors will be combined with the rest of the interior of the room, to harmonize among themselves. Usually, the floor and door leaves are purchased in the same range, the same is true for window frames. If it is difficult to choose, then experts recommend to stop on a universal option, i.e., prefer warm golden and light beige variants. The most common colors of laminate arepurchase at any construction store. For any decoration it is more practical to take shades of ash, acacia, light alder, honey birch, light oak. These options are not just so-called universal, they are great for any style, perfectly combined with many finishes. When choosing such light colors it is important to ensure that they do not have red tones. In this case, combining them will be difficult, red and bright yellow with other tones combine extremely difficult. Dark doors can not be used here, cold light colors, lilac, pink, light pink, violet do not suit. The red scale harmonizes well only with orange, terracotta, brown, green hues. Back to contents</a>

Cold shades: white in the interior

Cold shades can not be used faralways, most often they are used for southern and eastern rooms, for large rooms or small ones, if the natural level of illumination is good. For finishing the floor and the door, shades of bleached oak, milky, cream colors are used. It is used and pure white for doors and slightly darker for the floor. Dark laminate in the interior goes well withwhite wallpaper. You have to be careful with the gray for the walls. It can be safely used for classical style or hi-tech, but for other types of interior solutions it is complicated. To pick up a door under a laminate in such scale is not too difficult. In white color, it is easy to choose a door leaf, the floor can be two-color, but here the window frames must be taken only white, brown or a tree of any shade here do not fit. Do not use white doors and windows when the flooring is made in dark colors, for example, wenge or dark oak. Back to contents</a>

Dark color scheme

How to choose a laminate if the interior doorsdark? It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the basic tone. For the floor, the best options are dark chestnut, stained dark oak, brown shade of wenge. Dark door leaves are usually performed in the same range, but the shades of them must completely coincide, otherwise the situation will turn out to be inharmonious. Dark doors can be combined with light colorslaminate flooring. It is recommended to pay attention also to the color palette of window openings. Contrast combinations for dark design are not applied, they will look not only bad, but also create an extremely uncomfortable home environment. It is best to choose the design in one color segment, in which case the interior will be as comfortable and organic as possible. This year, various shades of wenge are popular, but it is best to use dark brown, which is best suited for decorating the floor, door, window openings. When planning such an interior, you must immediately determine which shade will be used to correctly choose the color of walls, textiles, carpets and other. When choosing a wenge, one must remember that this variant does not tolerate contrasts. For a classic interior wenge is not recommended, especially when combined with a large number of metal parts. Best of all, this palette with cold tones is suitable for modern interior in the style of high-tech. Back to contents</a>

Several shades for floors and doors

Today, for the finishing of the floor,coatings consisting of several colors. For example, the floor is decorated in black and white, rosewood, tiger wood. How to choose the color of the laminate, which will perfectly approach the door in this case? It is necessary to choose shades in such a way that at least one of the colors of the laminate coating coincides with the shade of the door leaf. Attention should be paid also to what finish is used in the decor of the room and what is the level of natural light. If the design allows, then the doors can be made light to give the interior a visually more spacious space. For southern premises it is quite possible to use even more daring solutions, interior door leafs can be put even in dark tones. When choosing a laminate for rooms, you should adhere to certain rules, especially when repairing yourself, without the participation of professional designers. In this case, follow these rules:

  • The same color for laminate and doors can be used in small rooms to achieve greater harmony of the interior.
  • For northern and western rooms are best suited light colors or products with a predominance of light tones.
  • For large areas, it is recommended to use a contrast between the shades of the laminate and the interior door.
  • When using the contrast method, attention should be paid to the selection of the plinth. It should be a lighter shade, corresponding to the light tone of the board or door leaf.
  • When choosing any color, the shade must be of the same type. If cold tones were used for the floor, then such should be chosen for the door (with warm tones the same conditions are observed).
  • The choice of flooring is quite complicatedwork, but it is quite possible to manage it independently. It is only necessary to follow the special conditions for drawing up a color scheme for the interior to get an impressive result and a comfortable room.