The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How will look the same apartment in three different styles: an illustrative example -


Have you ever wondered how you couldDoes your apartment look minimalist? And what about futurism? What about eco? Interior designer Stepan Bugaev decided to dream up and create an apartment of the same type in three different styles. You will find out what he did right now Interior designer Stepan Bugaev has developed three unique design projects in the styles of minimalism, eco and futurism for the Capital Group's "Faces" archproject - all for one type of apartment. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master's degree in physics and the State University Higher School of Economics with a master's degree in business informatics. He has his own design studio, under his leadership, more than 500 design projects have been implemented. Ranked in the top 100 of the best designers, according to the leading interior design publication AD. She is a teacher at the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, teaches the author's course “Interior Design. Rules for creating a successful project ”. She gives open lectures on interior design and writes articles for leading interior magazines and portals. - Each of the styles was not chosen by chance. The modern facade of the entire residential building "Litsa" set the style of the first design project - minimalism. The eco style was inspired by the infrastructure of the house - walking and recreation areas, children's and sports grounds. Innovative technologies of the “house of the future” have defined the third style - futurism. Minimalism The philosophy of minimalism is awareness and moderation in everything. The interior in this style assumes only really necessary items. The minimalism style is characterized by simplicity of forms, the absence of complex textures, monotony and matte surfaces. This design project is suitable for practical people who value functional and ergonomic interiors. The minimalist canons presuppose a monochromegamma, but do not exclude neutral pastel shades. Given the layout of this apartment, we decided to combine the living room area with the kitchen. Having painted one of the walls in a neutral light yellow color, and also using decorative plaster, we refreshed the interior and at the same time made a bright accent in the kitchen-living room. Visually, we decided to separate the dining area from the living room with different floor coverings. We chose furniture that is distinguished by a highfunctionality. Upholstery of upholstered furniture in the living room is made of monophonic fabric. By the way, one of the chips of minimalism style is low furniture, that's why we arranged a low sofa in the living room. Furniture in the whole apartment - the correct geometric shapes without any additional elements. Furniture and materials:

  • plumbing - Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • acrylic bath on legs - Connect Duo, Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • bath mixer - Raindance Select 360, Hansgrohe, Germany;
  • floor tiles - DeLuxe, Love Tiles, Portugal;
  • kitchen - Masca Evo, Aran, Italy;
  • interior doors - Stable, with handles - Jeild Wen, Finland;
  • Chandelier - Big Bang, Foscarini, Italy;
  • floor lamp - Coltrane Floor, DelightFULL, Portugal;
  • suspended lamp - Jamaica, Foscarini, Italy;
  • wallpaper for painting - Rauhfaser, Erfurft, Germany;
  • floor covering - oak Nordic, Floor Step, Russia;
  • plinth flooring - oak, Barlinek, Poland;
  • dining table - Al, Casamania, Italy;
  • sofa - Arco, BoConcept, Denmark;
  • carpet - Classic, BoConcept, Denmark;
  • coffee table - Folio, Bonaldo, Italy;
  • modular system - Metropolis, Duebi, Italy;
  • bed - Prisma, Serenissima, Italy;
  • bedside tables - Occa, BoConcept, Italy;
  • chest of drawers - Kayak, Cattelan Italia, Italy;
  • paint - Harmony 9L, Tikkurila, Finland.

Eco Ecostyle is thought out from the point of viewmaterials, light and textiles an interior in which preference is given to natural materials and natural motives. In the conditions of big cities and a fast pace of life, people feel a completely natural desire to be closer to nature. This style implies not only the use ofenvironmentally friendly materials, but also their disposal and recycling, so it is ideal for those who are worried about the state of the environment. Finishing ekostilya - is a natural materials: an array of wood, stone, imitation of natural textures for flooring; paint, stone or its imitation for walls. As for the layout of the apartment, in thisdesign project, we again combined the kitchen area with the living room to create more space for family rest, and the border between them was held using contrasting floor coverings. All materials, furniture and decor are in colors characteristic of eco-friendly: brown (color of wood) and all its range, green and neutral white. Furniture and materials:

  • entrance door - Go, Dierre, Italy;
  • plumbing - Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • suspended toilet with seat and cover - Small +, IdealStandard, Belgium;
  • acrylic bath on legs - First, Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • Bath mixer - Raindance 240, Hansgrohe, Germany;
  • Built-in lighting - New Torno, SLV, Germany;
  • floor tiles - Royale, Love Tiles, Portugal;
  • bedside lamps - Nature Horizontal Lamp, Kare, Italy;
  • sofa - Cloud, Alivar, Italy;
  • carpet - Silhouette, BoConcept, Denmark;
  • modular system - Infinity 12/13, Bortoli, Italy;
  • bed - Vivere La Materia RV301, Elite, Italy;
  • bedside table - Vivere La Materia, Elite, Italy;
  • chest of drawers - Mosai, Porada, Italy.

Futurism We have developed this design projectspecially for those who are not afraid to use new non-standard items to solve everyday problems. As with the other two projects, we combined the kitchen with the living room and created a visual boundary with different types of flooring. A distinctive feature of futurism isuse of modern materials - metal, glass, polyurethane, plastic, aluminum. As a floor covering, laminate, tile or flooring is usually used, and the walls are painted or painted with plastic panels. And Futurism does not tolerate wallpaper. In a futuristic interior, all the most advanced lighting technologies are used: LED and string fixtures, fluorescent and halogen lamps. The color gamut of futurism is restrained: white, gray, beige, silver. Blurs of bright colors are admissible, but we decided to bet on the restrained lilac and gray-blue, which correspond with the characteristic for futurism shade of chromium and metal. In the interior we used matte, glossy, reflective materials. With their help, the impression was created that the interior uses a wide palette of shades of one color scale. Typically, the decor in this interior is given little attention and the main element is the technique in the apartment, but in this project we have created a lot of opportunities to fantasize about the theme of decorating. Furniture and materials:

  • plumbing - Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • acrylic bath on legs - Connect Duo, Ideal Standard, Belgium;
  • bath mixer - Raindance Select 360, Hansgrohe, Germany;
  • Built-in lighting - New Torno, SLV, Germany;
  • tile outdoor - Desire, Love Tiles, Portugal;
  • wall tiles - Guilty, Love Tiles, Portugal »;
  • bedside lamps - L125264, Ashley Furniture, USA;
  • suspended lamp - Diesel with Foscarini, Italy;
  • Floor coverings - oak Nordic, FloorStep, Russia;
  • dining table - Prora, Bonaldo, Italy;
  • Chair - Y Chair, Tom Dixon, United Kingdom;
  • sofa - Blues, Cava Divani, Italy;
  • modular system - SPLAY-04, Coim, Italy;
  • bed - Letti VT2B, Misura Emme, Italy;
  • bedside table - TV5E, Presotto Letti & Complementi, Italy.