How to arrange furniture in the living room: little tricks


The living room is perhaps the most important anda demanded room in the house. It is in the living room that it is customary to spend long family evenings, celebrate various festive events, meet guests and just relax after a long day at work. However, in order for this room to be truly comfortable, functional and beautiful, you need to know how to do it right in the living room. Arrangement of furniture in the living roomThe right arrangement of furniture affects the convenience,style, functionality of the room. Correct arrangement of furniture in the living room is quite a challenge, for the solution of which you need to have certain skills, knowledge, connect all your imagination and sense of style. However, for newcomers in this business, modern interior decorators give some useful advice on how to arrange furniture in the living room.

Basis of the basics, the beginning of the beginning

Asking which furniture arrangementshould be in the living room, it is necessary first of all to determine which functions this room will subsequently carry out. This is especially important for owners of standard apartments, where the number of rooms is strictly limited and rarely more than three. A clear understanding of the purpose of the room will help to understand what furniture should be bought in the living room, how to trim its floor and walls and how intense lighting should be in it. There are several basic types of living room: The living room-library assumes the availability of shelves for books and several comfortable floor lamps.

  • Living room as a place for family rest. In such a room must be present a comfortable sofa and a pair of armchairs, a small coffee table, a wall cabinet, a high-quality audio system and a large TV. This version of the living room is basic.
  • For arranging a living room-cabinet tothe above items of furniture will need to add a computer table or desk, a bookcase, a desk lamp and a small shelf for storing papers.
  • In the living room-library must be placed cabinets and shelves for books, as well as a few convenient floor lamps.
  • Living-bedroom will not be comfortable without a dressa wardrobe for storage of things and a small bedside table or a dressing table with a mirror. In addition, above the folding sofa should hang a lamp-sconce.
  • Kitchen-living room. Arrangement of furniture in the kitchen of the living room or dining room should necessarily include a large dining table and chairs around it, a showcase with utensils and, maybe, even a small bar counter. Above the table in such a kitchen should hang the largest and brightest lamp in the room. In addition, in the kitchen of the living room, one should not forget about a set of upholstered furniture.
  • Divide the space of the kitchen and living roomhelp bar counter. But no matter what additional functions are assigned to the living room, its main tasks are always comfortable rest and communication with friends and close people. For this reason, it is necessary to take seriously the seating arrangements in the living room. The sofa, armchairs and padded stools should stand so that all the interlocutors can not only hear each other perfectly, but also see the faces of all present in the room. Trying to make your living room as comfortable and functional as possible, you should not overload it with excess furniture and decor. Remember that for a comfortable stay in the living room should be a lot of free space, so you can freely move around it, without fear of bumping or breaking something. In addition, do not put massive furniture elements near the door. This will not only make your room less comfortable, but also create unnecessary obstacles in the event of a fire or other emergency. Back to contents</a>

    Ways of achieving the goal

    The first thing that needs to be done is to correctlyTo arrange furniture in the living room is to carefully measure all the walls of the room with the help of a tape measure. This will allow you to properly zonirovat living room, which serves as a bedroom, kitchen or study. In addition, it will help determine the proportions of the room and place the necessary accents in it. So, thanks to small decorating tricks, too long room can be turned into almost square. And as you know, this form is the most comfortable for a person. The measurement of the room will help to correctly place the existing furniture and determine what size and shape should be purchased the missing elements of the situation. The bedroom-living room can be separated with the help ofshelving shelf. In this case, it is necessary to strictly observe the most important rule of furniture arrangement in the living room, namely the proportionality of all elements of the interior of the room. In other words, a massive sofa and armchairs will look ridiculous in a small room and make it too tight and uncomfortable. A small fragile table is simply lost in a room with a large area. In addition, all elements of furniture should ideally be combined not only in size, but also in style and color. To simplify the arrangement of furniture in the living room, you should draw up a plan for the future interior, on which you should specify not only large objects, for example, a table or sofa, but also smaller ones, for example, lamps. In addition, all doorways and windows of the room must be present on this plan. In addition, it would be superfluous to note the location of all switches and sockets. On the finished model of the room should be placed furniture, cut out of paper. Moving it you can determine the most suitable place for a particular piece of furniture and find a suitable place for all components of the decor, for example, carpets or floor lamps. Comfortable arrangement of each zone in the living room must begin with its central piece of furniture, namely from the dining table in the kitchen, from the TV in the recreation area and from the desk in the living room. Back to contents</a>

    Final touches

    Great value in creating a cozy andThe comfortable environment in the living room has the proper lighting of the room. In no case should it be too little or too much. The light in the living room should be bright enough, but not too intense and dazzling. Layout of furniture in the living room. According to the taste of the master of the living room, the overall illumination in the room can be made both in the form of a large chandelier located in the center of the ceiling, and in the form of a set of spotlights, equipped in a false ceiling. In addition, in the arrangement of the living room it is very good to use various additional light sources: table lamps, floor lamps or sconces. They should be placed in the appropriate areas, for example, the floor lamp is ideal for the book area, sconces for the bedroom area, and a table lamp for the working area of ​​the living room. To use individual lamps while reading a book or when working with papers is much more convenient than common light. This helps to create the necessary cozy atmosphere, as well as not to interfere with other tenants of the apartment. At the end of the decoration of the living room, you can hang paintings or posters on the walls. They will help not only to make the interior more lively and bright, but also will be an excellent addition to the overall composition. The same applies to any other jewelry, for example, a beautiful wall clock, which will perform not only a decorative, but a functional task. Back to contents</a>

    Little tricks

    Living room lighting should be sufficientbright, but not very intense and dazzling. In addition, there are several simple, but very useful tricks on how to quickly and effortlessly transform any room. Before laying one large carpet or several small rugs on the living room floor, you need to know one important rule, namely: all small pieces of furniture, such as coffee tables or ottomans, should be placed on them completely, and large ones, for example, a wardrobe or sofa, only with front legs. For the correct zoning of a room, you can use several popular techniques: fence off part of the room using various building materials, put up a beautiful screen, install book shelves or hang a fashionable curtain. Choosing the most suitable option, you should first of all focus on the purpose of the future partition. Trying to correctly arrange furniture in a small living room, you should pay attention to various corner types of furniture: sofas, wardrobes and bedside tables. They will help not only save a considerable amount of space, but will also look less cumbersome in a small room. To create a feeling of special comfort and hospitality in the living room, furniture should be arranged in small groups in each of the separate areas. But the arrangement of furniture strictly along the room walls will, on the contrary, help create a more strict and formal atmosphere in the room.