Decor of small squares

How to use the decor to expand the space

Surely, many people are concerned about the problem of arranging tiny rooms ?! But, fortunately, there is always a way out! Today we will talk about using large parts. So, go ahead!

High impact

By giving preference to scale forms, youcreate an elegant look even in small apartments. Notice how the interior shown in the image below is rich in textures and beautiful objects with pleasant color shades.

Look around

Filling unused space byVertical is a great way to add influential detail with space saving. For example, a large plant in a corner of a room will revitalize it and fill it with energy.

Visual effect

Huge windows and white background will help emphasize the dramatic style of furniture, reducing the emphasis on how tightly it fits to the walls.

Low ceilings

In such a situation, try to balance the squat figures (low back of the sofa, lights in the shape of globes) with very long objects (like an overscale floor lamp), using every centimeter of height.

Narrow numbers

In the compressed premises it is necessary to place one full-sized and elongated part (for example, a sofa). So you leave a fairly wide aisle.

Cozy corners

In such places it is better to use furniture that will be as wide as possible. Then a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is guaranteed.

Features tiny spots

Similarly, in the dining corners, a wide seat fills the back wall. And the individual chairs would be too constrained space. Another way to increase the dinette can be a sofa, which will make a big statement regarding small chairs or stools. Now you will have a place for guests. In the limited living room it is worthwhile to place one long armchair that will go along the walls of the room. A magnificent plush ottoman will increase the number of seats when you have a company. Bold and bulky accents are better placed on the walls, thus occupying a vertical zone. Large paintings will look much more spectacular than an inordinate number of small masterpieces.