How to become a designer: a real story

Is it difficult to learn interior design from scratch, notHaving no training? A month ago in the Modern School of Design, the school year started, and the editorial Roomble decided to track the whole process of learning by the example of one student who now comprehends the basics of such a complex and demanded profession. Over a year, Roomble will closely associate with one of the students of the Modern School of Design, Whether it is possible from scratch and without any base. This project will become the likeness of the now popular format of the reality show, when you can watch live people live. The student's name is Svetlana, and she will share her opinion about training in the SSD right now and continue in the next articles. - I did not have an art school behind my shoulders or work experience related to interior design. Therefore, I approached the choice of design school seriously. I was very interested in the following: the term of study is 1-1.5 years, classes - in the evenings, after work, convenient location, interesting, necessary program, grasping graduation theses of graduates, and at the output - a document on obtaining additional education of the established sample, but not Certificate of completion of the course. When I came to the SAS on an excursion, I immediately attracted a warm, emotional atmosphere. And this is a great rarity. Svetlana During the 13 academic months of all students of the Modern School of Design, the following set of disciplines will be waiting:

  • Professional graphics;
  • The basis of architectural composition;
  • Bases of color;
  • Picture on presentation;
  • Sketching;
  • History of styles and actual interior;
  • The basics of ergonomics;
  • Interior and its components;
  • PR for designers;
  • Work with suppliers of finishing materials;
  • Architectural and design design;
  • Economic feasibility of the project;
  • Computer-aided design.

And after a comprehensive test - an exit on. The teaching core is made up of the graduates of the MARHI - professionals who work with each other on one creative and emotional wave. A good tradition of the SSH is an open defense of the thesis work with the invitation of potential employers. Svetlana The training course started in late September andBegan with an organizational meeting at which future students were introduced to the program and rules of the school, and along with each other. The author of the course "Interior Design" Lyubov Antonovna Khovanskaya shared her recommendations for successful studies and tried to determine the true motives of everyone who came here. These revelations immediately brought us closer, helped us become a group. The very next day we all together in WhatsApp discussed the purchase of a clerical. We were told that friendly groups reach the diploma in full force. Probably, that's why the teachers try to unite us in every possible way, very correctly conduct classes, support and help. Svetlana As during the year several groups startDifferent times, in a difficult situation, you can take a break, and then continue learning in a suitable group by level. When a forced pass is always possible to catch up in another group. This is not recommended, but the availability of such an opportunity pleases. Classes are held three times a week, for three hoursIn the evening. From November, the fourth evening will be added, which students will spend in the computer room. Immediately they were given detailed recommendations on the laptop, the acquisition of which will be an investment in the future profession. Time in class flies unnoticed, we do not even get distracted by tea-coffee-snacks, although a 15-minute break is envisaged. The thing is that the process is very interesting and you want not to miss anything. The first two months we have four classes for color and composition, as well as six classes for drawing and architectural graphics. Svetlana Coloring is, as all students say,Full immersion in the school lesson. Many people have not kept a paint or a brush in their hands since that time, but for that it is training to remember, fix and bring to perfection. One of the first tasks was to draw a color circle on Itten from 12 colors, but using only the tempera of the three primary colors - yellow, red, blue. The most difficult task is to achieve pure purple. And the handbook from today is "The Art of Color" by Johannes Itten. The homework was to make a palette of 12 or more shades of gray and a combination of borderline yellow-green and red-violet tones with warm and cold colors. I made a color wheel and could not help having fun: I picked up fruits and vegetables for each color, for good reason, all 12 colors were obtained from three main colors, which means they should be in nature. Svetlana On the architectural chart, the brain is already boiling, althoughOnly lines and fonts were disassembled. "Construction Drawing" Georgievsky - this is our everything! On a sheet of format A3 homework takes four hours of painstaking work. I really hope that things will go faster. And in the composition class, the opening follows the opening. Here's how to depict on the sheet - is the point or moves? Our first sketches for contrasts and dominants are kindergartens. But by the second part of the session, glimpses of creativity are becoming more noticeable. Svetlana After the first month of learning,Svetlana only the most positive. Teachers are masters in a professional and pedagogical sense. No "water", everything is very well worked out and reconciled, the theory smoothly turns into practice, at each lesson there is a result. Respect for students, quiet working atmosphere. Large amounts of work performed in the lesson, no less - homework. But they are all doable. Yesterday before the classes I saw a meeting of teachers and managers of the University with graduates of the last year. Laughter, joy, hugs - a meeting of good friends, colleagues. Even after the end of the СШД and the beginning of their professional activity in the field of design, the graduates here are welcome guests. Svetlana