How to become an author of crystal products: creative competition and a series of webinars

Want to try yourself in the field of industrialDesign? Then the contest "Diamond Face", organized by the fund "Create!" And the Gusev Crystal Plant. Maltsov is for you. - traditional information partner of the event Support fund for young designers and architects "Create!" And Gusev Crystal Plant. Maltsov with the information support of the portal about design, decor, architecture and interiors conduct the All-Russian industrial design competition "Diamond Face" for the best sketch of glass products. If you feel the desire and strength to try yourself in the field of industrial design or already a professional designer, this is an excellent occasion to declare yourself and take part in the remarkable development of the famous production of crystal products in our country.

About the contest

To take part in the contest "Diamond Face" canAny citizen of Russia and the former republics of the USSR, regardless of the education received and professional activities. The contest will take place in several stages. You can apply for participation in the qualifying round by February 15, 2015. Further, the expert commission will select the most interesting works and publish them for online voting. Qualified jury, taking into account the voting results, will determine the sketches, the authors of which will continue the development of the project at the next stages. In the final, the authors will be able to implement their projects and even launch them into production. Winners will be defined in several categories:

  • New Product;
  • The best model range;
  • Classics - a new look;
  • Russian traditions in modern execution;
  • Non-standard style solution;
  • Business gift;
  • Packaging (for all types of products and luxury segment).

Projects that received the highest approval of the jury andWho took first place in the nominations, will be put into production. At the same time, their authors will receive 4% of the total sales of products. In addition, all the winners of the "Diamond Face" contest will receive brand prizes, diplomas, gifts from partners. Projects that reached the final stage will be included in the catalog of the manufacturer, which is the Gusev Crystal Plant, and will also be posted on the website of the Foundation for Support of Young Designers and Architects "Create!". On the official website of the fund "Create!" Is published with more detailed information.

How to participate

To become a participant of the "Diamond Face" competition,It is necessary to create a draft design for glass products. The technique and theme of the work remain at the discretion of the participants: the sketch can be represented as an image created in any graphic editor, drawing by hand, collage and so on. The important point: the object should be represented in three planes, with a volumetric drawing (isometry or 3D-projection). It is also necessary to attach the most complete description of the project, containing the author's technical ideas (for example, color decisions, dimensions, decor, decoration, purpose, application). In addition, you must download and fill. Competition works and information about the participants are accepted until February 15, 2015 at the address c marked "Goose-Crystal". The letter should contain:

  • Application for participation in the competition.
  • Color photo of the author of the competition work.
  • Images of the competition work in JPG format.
  • Description of the project in DOC format, executed in the text editor Microsoft Word.
  • About webinars

    In addition to the competitive program, the competition"Diamond border" is also educational. On February 3, 5, 9 and 11, 2015, 1,5-hour webinars will be held to help participants of the competition get to know the technological possibilities of production. During the webinars, everyone will be able to plunge into the history of the production of crystal products, as well as learn about current trends in this area. All participants will be able to ask the specialists of the industry the questions they are interested in and get qualified answers to them. Themes and speakers of webinars:

  • "Unlimited possibilities of a diamond face". Speaker - GM Vlasova, head of the model OOO "Gusevskaya Crystal Plant. Maltsov. " During the webinar, participants will learn about the unique technology of hand-making crystal and the features of its decoration.
  • "Maltsovsky traditions". Speaker - GM Vlasova, the head of the model OOO "Gusevskaya Crystal Plant named after. Maltsov. " Webinar about the creative schools of artists, as well as the directions of different periods of modern plant history.
  • "Crystal: luxury or utilitarianism?". Speaker - L. V. Martyantseva, head of the sales department of LLC "Gusev Crystal Plant. Maltsov. " Participants will learn about the current state of affairs in the crystal market, get acquainted with its main Russian and foreign producers. In addition, it will tell about the preferences of the Russian buyer, his tastes and needs.
  • "Modern crystal. Design and trends. " Speakers are leading designers on glass, the main editors of major publications about design. The participants of the webinar will share current information on key industry trends and modern directions in the design of glass and crystal products.
  • The cost of participation: all four webinars - 500 rubles; One of the webinars - 150 rubles.

    Excursion to the factory of crystal

    Those who wish to visit the legendary GusevskayaCrystal factory, there is an opportunity to get on a cognitive excursion "Secrets of the production of crystal products." This excursion program takes place within the framework of the All-Russian Industrial Design Contest "Diamond Face". In the course of the excursion it will be possible to plunge into the incredible world of crystal production, to learn how to receive colored glass, what is the work of masters-blowers, pressers, typesetters. During the excursion program, the participants will be told the history and legends of the plant, they will get acquainted with the methods and types of engraving on the crystal products. In addition, everyone can visit the museum of the plant and, of course, buy the objects you like.,,