House and Cottage

How to build a house in a month and a half: a real example from Australia


Doubt that you can take a bare area, and six weeks later, already deliver things to the new house? Do not hesitate - it's possible, our example will inspire

This three-room house with a "living" roof was built in just one and a half months.

The frame of this house was prefabricated onProduction, and then assembled on the site. "Living" roof with grass, bushes and already grown spruce performs not so much an aesthetic as a heat-regulating function. The technical characteristics of the roof help minimize the damage from precipitation, reduce the level of direct sunlight and even keep the heat in cold weather.

The truth was not in our latitudes, but in Australia. But the Australians from ArchiBlox, we think, would have similarly built a similar house in the suburbs.

A small terrace allows you to admire the ocean and observe the change of the time of day.

The living room is light, extremely minimalistic, spodvigayuschaya spend free time on the street.

The rather dark blue kitchen does not produce a depressing impression due to the orange walls, light table top and mirror apron.

Separate delight deserves a bathroom with a luxurious huge window and a view of the ocean.