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How to create a green corner on the balcony: tips and examples for a mini garden

What you need to know before you start landscapingbalconies, how to choose flowers and what furniture will suit you best - you will learn all this from our article. Balconies in our apartments have long ceased to be a place for dumping unnecessary things, which, like a suitcase without a handle, it is a pity to throw out, but to bear heavily. Their owners are beginning to assess the dignity of additional two or even six square meters and build the most unexpected corners there. For example, a green garden.

To glaze or not

It seems that today loggias have already been glazed. And, since most of the year the climate in our latitudes is "uncomfortable", it is logical to assume that there really is a need for it. After all, plants, if you plant them on the balcony, in the autumn they will simply perish from the cold. But in Europe it is practiced quite interestingthe solution is a home garden on open balconies. A small loggia with a small table and a beautiful chair, decorated with living vegetation, which wraps the railing, looks very appeasing. In addition, in the summer it will be especially pleasant to have breakfast, drink coffee and breathe fresh air. This option will be more appropriate in the case,if your balcony overlooks a quiet cozy patio with a bunch of vegetation or a beautiful park. Neighborhood with large enterprises or loaded roads implies gas contamination, noise and dust - in this case it is better to glaze the loggia.

How to place flowers

So, if the decision has already been made and you know for surewhat you want to create a cozy green corner on your balcony, here are some ideas. It is worth starting with the selection of plants. There are two types of landscaping: vertical and horizontal. If the horizontal has been known for a long time and everything is clear with it (flowers are located on horizontal levels: on shelves, on the floor, on tables), then the vertical is just beginning to gain popularity. In this case, flowers are placed on a panel, shelves, racks that are attached to the wall - a kind of composition of living plants is obtained. Regardless of the method of placement of colorsyou need to remember that you should not buy violets for the balcony and any other plants that require delicate care. But palm trees, climbing plants and ficuses are ideal.

Choosing furniture

If you are building a green corner on the balcony,then you will want to rest, including there. Therefore, you need to choose the right furniture. So, do not shove on an old balcony an old chair or a huge sofa. And not because they will block the whole space. It's just that they do not belong there. It is better to put a small table on the transparent legs (make a folding table top) and one or two very light stools. Another variant of furniture for the balcony is pallets. They can be taken for free or for a small fee in the warehouse of a building store. They have an elementary design, but it allows you to make and sofas, and tables, and even shelves. Add all this with a light mattress and beautiful textiles - and you will get original and quite comfortable furniture.


In addition to furniture, be sure to place at least onea small shelf: it can be put on your favorite books and all sorts of trivia. Ampelnyh plants on it, too, like it. Most importantly, it can be made from the same pallet as furniture.


If you are not going to work on the balconynights, then there is no need to conduct electricity there. And for hanging out summer evenings, pendant garlands or lamps working from batteries are perfect. With them it will be cozy, and light enough.