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How to decorate a house for the New Year: 20 ideas for decor doors


The holiday is almost on the threshold, and your entrance zone still whispers about the fall and gray everyday life? It's messy. Let's solve the problem. Today we will be inspired!

The simplest solution is to cut out cardboard and decorate with the children the first letter of your family name. You can tie a letter to the binding with a piece of burlap. The main thing is to tie a beautiful bow. Related articles

Have you ever decorated the house for the New Year with apples? No? Look how cool it turns out. Street vases do not necessarily plant coniferous trees, very cool will look multilevel compositions that resemble the shape of the tree.

And you can not bother with color tables and do it your own way.

The principle of choosing clothes can also be projected onto the decor. For example, select items based on color and texture.

The door with glasses will most effectively look with snowflakes. You can also design interior doors with glazing.

The simple design of natural objects almost always looks great. Nature does not need embellishments. Related Articles

Suddenly, touchingly and very home-like, right? In the same style, you can decorate a pair of warm mittens or even boots.

Compensate the deficit of snow with symbolic variations on this topic.

If you are a follower of the new White Christmas trend, keep the idea.

Sacking is rough, cheap and ugly? By no means! Fantasy and creativity work miracles.

Compositions of this kind look very good thanks to well-chosen shades and textures. In general, there is nothing difficult in creating such beauty.

This is the simplest and most effective option that we could find.

When you bought too many Christmas trees ...

Do not know what to do with old bows? Find for them a suitable cylinder and a carrot of medium size.

But in this way, you can also design all the interior doors.

Another sketchy snowman, this time constructed from several sets of balls. Related Articles

That's great, is not it? Note, if it were not for LED garlands, the composition would have lost much in efficiency.

Are you tired of wreaths and snowmen? Make a window! Related Articles Wine Stoppers ... These are just wine corks ...