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How to decorate the windows for the New Year 2017: photos, templates and stencils


The holiday comes to us! The landscape behind your windows does not even remotely resemble New Year's? To the window was not so sad to watch, we propose to paint them in the shades of the holiday now

In my school years, I remember, it was this part of the interior that was exposed. We will not deviate from tradition and will deal with window openings, since we have a lot of ideas for decoration.

Simple, beautiful and promising option. Why is it promising? We recommend not to add newspaper dummies, but to hide confetti, candies, gift cards or simply folded banknotes in boxes.

Are you tired of cutting snowflakes? Cut out the city.

We recommend making this kind of crafts with the children, and then explaining to the guests several dozen times how it turned out so nicely to decorate the window.

But here you have to think about the height of the arrangement of the candies. How dangerous is it for your household to get to sweets?

Traditional colors, shapes and materials. Everything is simple and very cool!

Lollipops is not your format? Bake ginger biscuits.

It's time to rehabilitate the flags as long and undeservedly forgotten.

The Christmas trees in your composition may be artificial, but they should really burn. Careful with the curtains!

A garland does not happen much.

Transparent glass balls are stained using a stencil from a can. The golden spruce, too, will not have to be looked for, the paint will probably remain in the can.

For lovers of Scandinavian minimalism, we recommend combining white enameled teapots with edible red berries.

Do you like to cut out snowflakes? Do not stop.

There is a bracket, but there are no curtains? Hang a branch on it.

If the window is in winter and does not smell, create a mood from the inside.

A simple, clear and always up-to-date version with cotton wool. Recommended.

Did not find the Christmas tree toys of the desired format? Use cookie shapes!

Artificial snow can be sprayed directly on the glass. It is washed off without problems. Nearly.

Now you know what to do with the huge snowflakes that look strange on the tree.

Sweet-toasts appreciate.

Babushkin's method of drawing winter patterns is forgotten by many, but in vain. All that is needed is a remnant and a never-ending sense of beauty.