How to distinguish between types of housing: economy, comfort, business, elite -


Economy, comfort, business, and yet there is a premium andElite - the Russian housing market is "overloaded" with names. Even an experienced realtor can not always distinguish one from another. What should the consumer do? We tried to find out what we are offered in fact. There is still no official classification of housing in Russia. The market methodology for assessing the level, which in 2013, developed the Russian Guild of Realtors for residential new buildings, is extremely recommendatory. Then four types of housing were allocated in the primary market: economy class, comfort, business class and elite. In practice, this division is so conditional thatReminds rather a successful marketing move than an attempt to help the consumer. Many proposals that developers refer to comfort, and sometimes business class, according to objective criteria do not always hold out to the economy. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know the formal criteria, if only in order to adequately talk with the developers who put the appropriate price for each class.


Such apartments are located far from the center,Can go out on the busy streets or railway tracks, do not assume a special social infrastructure within a radius of a kilometer. The house is a standard series and standard layout, without finishes or with a typical rough finish. No requirements for safety, parking spaces, utilities and so on. Our opinion:- Realtors and developers proceed from the assumption that the economy class in Moscow is bought as temporary housing, housing for students or a long-term investment. And although according to statistics this is not at all the case - more than a third of Muscovites live in apartments of the “most economical economy” category all the time, such housing is being built. The area does not exceed 50-70 square meters in three-room apartments.


Comfort class is the most blurred, but at the same timeThe best selling category today. In Moscow, the name appeared as an advertising move in the crisis of 2008 and since then it has taken hold. The first experience was very successful. One of the capital companies then offered buyers an improved version of the panel type houses. Apartments there were comparable in size to the business class, and the price, rather, gravitated toward the economy. The idea was breakthrough. And the market was quickened. Unfortunately, becoming a massive, marketing moveOften turns into a convenient tool to increase sales of unscrupulous developers. It is impossible to distinguish comfort from an economist. It all depends on the specific proposal. Usually it is understood that the comfort class is located in houses of improved or successful "series", with imported glazing, an area slightly larger than in the economy segment, and mandatory landscaping. There can be parking or intercom with concierge. In the rest - all the same minimum correspondenceThe most modest requirements of the law. But space for creativity of the marketer. Each improved item usually passes under the article "comfort +" and requires additional costs. Comfort is often referred to as apartments, next to which in the future there may be a metro station or a new highway, it is planned to build social facilities, etc. Our opinion: - There are pluses. In the crisis, sales in the real estate market fell sharply, and the idea of ​​housing "comfort +" was again in demand. It began to be offered to those whom life forced to look at cheaper housing, but who have high quality representations. There are times when the price of a kofmort class is even lower than in an economy segment. The crisis forces developers specializing in cheap housing to use this tool in a competitive struggle.

Business Class

This housing is built in the prestigious areas of MoscowAnd the suburbs, with good infrastructure in walking distance. It is desirable - in a pleasant environment of parks, reservoirs, theaters and museums. The design of the house as a whole should be individual, and the apartment - at least an improved or free layout with ample opportunities for transformation. Parking, concierge, intercom, minimal security -Certainly. Ceiling height - not less than 2.98 m. Improved engineering systems. Finishing "turnkey" can be offered separately. Glazing - thick profiles and high-quality double-glazed windows of high price category.

Luxury accommodation

Apartments of exclusive planning with the author'sdesign and decoration in houses created by an architectural firm with a good reputation. The area of ​​apartments should start from 60 meters. The layout of the space is limited only by the outer walls. On the windows - wooden or elite plastic profiles of the upper price category with. Engineering - "the last wordEngineering ". Climate control, humidifiers, air conditioning. At the entrance - an indispensable and polite reception. Its security and operation service, convenient parking, individual laundry services, etc. etc. Elite housing is always located in ecologically clean areas, with beautiful views from the window, excellent infrastructure, accessibility of cultural monuments, not to mention schools, fitness centers and restaurants.

Calculation of comfort

If the classification of housing in Moscow, more and moreOr less clear, then it is difficult to classify any of the above categories in Moscow region. Everything depends on the specific city: its ecological situation, infrastructure, transport accessibility. That in one place will come for a business class, in another it will not be possible to give out even for comfort. Our opinion: - In order to make an informed choice, in most cases we have to drop the usual "class" labels. Market experts recommend looking primarily at the developer's reputation, checking the cleanliness of documents and not signing a contract without consulting a lawyer. What exactly can the recommendedclassification - in the primary definition of the honesty of the developer. It is not worth continuing the relationship with people who refer to the comfort class a panel high-rise, stuffed with small and without parking space. Experts agree on one thing: the market needs to improve the quality of projects. One of the freshest and most reasonable trends -Real estate, divided not into classes, but to the needs of the target audience. This allows you to offer the buyer the right set of options, but at the same time keep an acceptable price. For example, a house can be built using comfort-class technology or even a business class, and apartments can combine the capabilities of both segments. Everything depends on what you are ready to pay for: for free planning, turnkey finishing, additional engineering solutions, superfluous car place and so on. Another case is a choice within the framework of one projectBetween a regular apartment, town house or a separate cottage. It turns out that something like a four-star hotel in the five-star complex in tourism: often a very practical solution. The "targeted" approach is best followed by the buyer himself. And to choose a property not so much by category as by a set of necessary characteristics, family circumstances and lifestyle: convenient and profitable.