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How to use color in the kitchen: 35 rules and expert advice -

The role of color in the interior is enormous.It is from the shades that we see every day that our mood and well-being depends. What color schemes to choose for the kitchen so that breakfasts, lunches and dinners bring only positive emotions? Now let's tell The kitchen is the room in the apartment where almost any shades are appropriate. The secret lies in using them correctly. In addition, you should define your desires. What do you expect from the kitchen? Should it bring cheerfulness or comfort? Would you like to see the kitchen interior in a single color or do you like unusual color schemes? You can see the most different options for colored kitchens. And in order to make it even easier for you to decide and make an important decision, what color to use in the kitchen, we will share with you valuable ideas.

Let there be light!

You probably know that light colorsvisually expand the space. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen, it is best not to use dark shades in the interior. But in order to avoid boredom, give preference to furniture items and accessories of bright color.

Red kitchen

Red cuisine is an option for the brave. This color stimulates the appetite, which is welcomed in this space. However, the kitchen of strawberry color is absolutely not suitable for those people who are on a diet. Artur Guchigov, export manager of the Mobalpa brand:- Now gray color and all its shades are in vogue. It goes well and easily with many bright colors, such as mustard or bright red. There is now a tendency for vibrant colors to be present alongside calm shades. This is due to the crisis: people are busy at work and, when they come home, they want to see something relaxing. This explains the popularity of gray kitchens, as well as the desire to evoke positive emotions with bright spots. But the classic and best-selling color among kitchens is still white and its shades.

Yellow kitchen

Positive yellow color is often used in the design of the kitchen. It really creates a warm atmosphere and makes the room cozy.

Blue Kitchen

Blue color will create a feeling in the kitchencool and fresh. In such a kitchen, you will definitely feel at ease. However, keep in mind that this color reduces appetite. Surprisingly beautiful blue kitchens you can see

Blue Kitchen

Blue cuisine, just like blue, is notpromotes the appearance of appetite. In addition, such a space may seem to you to be excessively cold. However, if you get a small room for cooking, then the blue color will help to visually expand it.

Orange cuisine

Orange - the color of positive and motion. Such a kitchen will whet your appetite and cheer you up every day. However, if you are fond of diets, you better choose another option.

Green kitchen

Green color has many shades thatallows you to choose the option that you like. This is the color of calm, which is well suited for the kitchen. It perfectly matches with beige, cream and brown colors. Our opinion: - Turquoise and olive tones are perfect for the kitchen in the style of Provence, and for the kitchen in the hi-tech style it is better to choose acidic shades. Then your space will really become harmonious.

Gray Kitchen

Gray is now very fashionable. It removes tension and can be used as a background for bright details. In addition, it can be used in both compact and spacious rooms.

Black kitchen

Black color in the kitchen will help to maximize concentration. However, be careful and yet dilute this strong color with light elements.

White kitchen

White kitchen - a fairly common option. It is believed that white color has a positive effect on the appetite. Our opinion: - White and black are combined with almost all other colors. That's why it's very convenient to use them as the base ones. Against this background, the brightest and rich colors can play the best.

Brown kitchen

Brown is a practical and neutral color, it can be called classic. It is found in the design of many apartments. To avoid boring interior, use unusual details.

Black and white

The combination of black and white colors in the kitchen will lead to the fact that the main role in such an interior will be played by the form. In addition, such a duet visually increases space.

Two-color set

Two-color kitchen set may well becomean interior solution that will make your kitchen interesting and memorable. The main thing is to choose colors in such a way that their combination would represent absolute harmony.

Contrast colors

The contrasting combination of colors in the kitchen can make this room the most stylish in your home. Be braver and make a choice in favor of this option. Our view: - Use a contrasting combination of colors exclusively in a spacious room. Otherwise, your small space will visually become even smaller.

Furniture - darker

If you apply the same color for the walls of the room and the kitchen set, then choose furniture in a room darker than this shade.

Many colors

Multicolor cuisine is an option for creative natures. However, when creating such a colorful interior, remember that it is best to combine in space not more than five shades.

Different shades

Use in the shades of the same color. In addition, the same color on different texture of materials has a different appearance.

Selecting zones with color

Select color different functional areas of the kitchen. Proper use of this technique will allow you to visually expand the space and correct the shortcomings of the layout. Mito Melitonyan, architect:- Basically, I have to work with apartments, where the kitchen space is not separated from the living room or dining room, but is a single whole. In this case, the color scheme is subordinated to the general palette of the interior, but the facades of the kitchen can be contrasting. For example, I now have an object where the kitchen is not separated from the living and dining areas. This is not a very large space, about 50 m2 of total area. The tone of the walls and doors is the same - a complex gray with a cool blue tint. At the same time, the facades of the kitchen are made of natural wood panels. The table top is made of stainless steel, that is, a very technological solution, and it greatly contributes to the favorable climate in this area. If we again take modern solutions, then I believe that the most important thing is to ensure that the kitchen as a whole does not differ from the rest of the interior, even if there is none in principle (as in ordinary houses). I do not recommend painting the kitchen beige or wallpapering it. If you really want creativity, then it is better to make some kind of large graphic drawing on the entire wall. I really like the solutions in American homes, when the kitchen is painted in rather strong and bright colors, for example, dark green, brown, dark red. It looks very bold. The family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and it should be cozy there, and for this the colors should not be faded and delicate. It is undesirable to use a pine-type wood with a classic glass layout inside in squares on the doors. Such decisions must be forgotten and never returned to them - these are relics of the past, it would be better then a completely white enamelled facade. In general, it is rather difficult to give recommendations on colors, since all decisions are individual, and it is necessary to understand the nature of the interior and the owner. What you definitely shouldn't do is make your childhood dreams come true and paint the kitchen pink.

Floor and ceiling

Do not decorate the floor and ceiling, using the same color - this will visually reduce the volume of the kitchen. Apply different colors in the design of these surfaces.

Brightness and calmness

It is best to choose a kitchen set of calm shade, if your walls are painted in bright colors. Then the room will be harmonious.

Bold accents

You can choose the following option: the kitchen in a calm color scheme, plus a lot of bright color accents. In such a room, you can constantly adjust the color fullness of space. Our opinion An excellent option is the use of bright textiles in a white kitchen. Curtains, towels, potholders of intense color will become a real decoration of your kitchen.

Matte or glossy?

Remember that colors sound different in different textures. So, the gloss enhances the saturation, and the matte surface muffles the color.

We make apron

Kitchen apron is best to decorate in those colors that are opposite to the kitchen set. This will create the desired color accent.

Neighbor colors

To create a harmonious interior, you can use colors that are adjacent to the color wheel. For example, orange, yellow and green.

Dilute the color

If the main color in the kitchen is an intense color, you can dilute it. This is achieved by using tiles or metal in the decoration of the apron. Our opinion: - Consider the direction of natural light. If the kitchen window is on the sunny side, choose light colors. In the opposite case, you should prefer bright shades.

Laconic metallic

Metallic will make your kitchen unusual. It is best to use it in rooms with light colors.

Walls of calm color

If your kitchen is bright furniture, then the walls should be quiet colors. This rule works and vice versa.

Color accent

Use in the kitchen bright pictures and photos - these are excellent color accents. Such beauty will not go unnoticed.

Bright apron

Apron can become the brightest place in the kitchen, for example due to color patterns. Take the design of the apron with special attention - it should not disharmonize the space.

Dining area

Color can be identified in the kitchen dining area. For example, using a desk or a lamp of contrasting color.

Bright ceiling

The ceiling is another area in the kitchen for which you can use a bright color. Read how to do it right.

Reduce temperature

Because cooking in the kitchen often reigns high fever. Change your perception of temperature will help the use of cold shades in this room.

Miscellaneous invoices

Our opinion: - In the kitchen space you can combine not only colors, but also different textures. This will make your kitchen diverse and original.

Bright tiles

The bright tile in the kitchen expands the space. In addition, the use of such decor makes the room easy and positive.

Low ceiling

If your kitchen has a low ceiling, you should paint the walls in light shades of green, yellow or orange. This will visually expand the space.

Tone to tone

Furniture and tile tone in tone in the kitchen - a classic option that will always be relevant. You definitely will not lose!

Paint choice

Have you finally decided on what color kitchen you want? The next step is paint selection. Ours will also help you with this.