Organization of space

How to turn a city balcony into a countryside veranda: tips and examples

Open balconies and non-glazed verandas usuallyAre not used by their owners during the cold season. However, with the onset of spring, their role in the interior of the apartment may change. Our tips will help turn a balcony into a cozy resting place. For most of the year, open balconies and glass panes are practically useless. They can be used only to store things, and even then only those who are not afraid of dampness and temperature drop. However, with the onset of heat, the functional potential of the external space of your apartment is noticeably increasing. We will show you how to equip an open balcony so you can enjoy spending time with it, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views (if there is one, of course).


Well, first, enjoy the view better while sitting. Therefore, to design a balcony you will need furniture. The set of items, of course, depends on the size of the balcony itself. However, if you consider that in most cases, these dimensions are small, it is better to choose a compact and possibly folding furniture, for example, a garden furniture. In the winter it will be more convenient to store it in the apartment. Our opinion: - If there is no space for storing balcony furniture at all, use as tables and chairs what you will not feel sorry to throw out at the end of the season. Perfectly suitable boxes, fragments of cargo pallets, car tires.


It is textile that can make decor not onlyBeautiful, but also comfortable. Pillows, mattresses, mats, preferably bright spring colors, will create a mood and unite the external space of the apartment with interior decoration, which will create a feeling of coziness on the balcony. And without soft warm plaids you can not do until summer comes.


To sit on the balcony you can abstractFrom the city bustle and imagine yourself on a cozy countryside veranda, you need to create an ornamental gardening. Here everything is simple: the more flowers and plants, the better. Ideally, they should act as a screen that hides you from the curious views of passers-by. And if the space on the balcony is too short, ask for help to the imagination. To green scenery looked beautiful and did not interfere, they can be placed on walls, railings or suspended to the ceiling. Our opinion: - An excellent idea for landscaping a balcony is an artificial turf in rolls. It can be spread instead of a rug. A few square meters will cost you inexpensively. And given that you will use this lawn for 4-5 months, you will not even have to take care of it. Only if the rain goes, it is better to roll it and bring it to the apartment.

Modern accessories

Perhaps you do not know, but the designers have createdA number of stylish, compact and very functional accessories for balconies. So, for example, to save space you can use special glass holders and tables with fasteners for handrails. There are even special racks-transformers, which are also attached to the railing and replace the whole set of furniture. And what about the opportunity to fry several pieces of meat or fish on your own balcony with a portable brazier!


To be able to spend time comfortablyOn the balcony not only during the daytime, but also with the onset of darkness, take care of the lighting. Optimum option will be garden lights, recharging from solar energy. They can simply be stuck in pots of flowers. In addition, you can hang a garland on the balcony, which with the help of an extension cord will be connected to a wall outlet. If you prefer candles, then for fire safety it is better to place them in high stable transparent containers or decorative flashlights.