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How to turn a window into a balcony: advice on how to equip the attic

How to realize the dream of a balcony in a smallattic apartment? Today we will show you an unusual example of solving this problem. And quite real You rarely meet a small house or a small apartment with a balcony. But this problem is solved. In fact, this housing opens up new opportunities in the design of premises. Try to turn a balcony into an ordinary attic window! The balcony is not just a beautiful architectural element. With its help, ventilation increases indoors, more light enters the house. In addition, you can at any time be able to go out into the fresh air and enjoy a beautiful sunny day or admire the night at the stars. Here is an example of a company's window structureFakro, specializing in the attic windows. Masters Fakro have developed a new product: a window that turns into a balcony! Thanks to such designs, you can realize the dream of the balcony of many owners of small houses.

How it works

The principle of operation of such a window is extremely simple.The double-leaf system allows you to use this structure both as a window (just open the upper half) and as a full-fledged balcony. In the second case, the lower flap moves back, forming additional space. The upper half of the window turns into a canopy. In addition, in the open state, handles-handrails appear near the balcony, providing additional safety. When the balcony is closed, the handles "hide" inside the window. A similar design is presented to the companyVelux. The window system is also mounted in the roof. Such a solution is the most convenient, cheap, and sometimes the only possible way to "build" a balcony in an apartment. Not necessarily limited to one balcony, you can choose any combination of installation. The idea of ​​turning a window into a balcony will make the room withmore functional: it will expand the space, let in more light and air into the house and allow you to create interesting interior solutions. For example, the combination of such a balcony will add lightness to the room and create the feeling that your apartment is "floating in the clouds"!