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How to update a bathroom without repair in one day: 8 simple ways


Dream to transform the interior of your bathroomrooms without problems, special investments, and even in a short time? Then we will share with you 8 simple ways that will help you do it in just one day. In order to quickly and inexpensively update the bathroom, it will take one, maximum two days. And it's not a joke! For such a short period of time, you can really make significant changes, while spending a completely symbolic amount. But first you need to do a global cleaning and only then apply in practice the eight ways listed below.

1. We update grout

It is the grouting of seams on the tile - this is what immediatelyIt also catches the eye and gives out how many years ago repairs were made. But if you apply a special paint that will update the grout, you will get the impression that the tile is laid quite recently and the repair is still quite fresh. This work, though it requires diligence and accuracy, but it's absolutely worth it.

2. Buy a new curtain

At the entrance to the bathroom, we are immediately met by a curtain. Not only does it, like a wall, take up a lot of space in the room, so it also involuntarily sets the style for the whole room. Therefore, changing the curtain, you instantly and tangibly reincarnate not only the space, but also the general atmosphere in your bathroom. For greater effect, choose something bright or dramatic.

3. Mixing in a new way

Transform the bathroom will help with the sight of a small, butsuch a very important detail as a mixer. Refuse the standard cranes and take yes and put, for example, a nice vintage model or a cutting-edge and trendy mixer. And that the result seemed even more impressive, complement the acquisition of similar in style fittings.

4. We use vinyl stickers

Easy and simple to give your bathrooma completely different, fresh and intriguing look with decorative stickers. They are absolutely waterproof, perfectly mask the shortcomings of tiles and other surfaces, and are easily removed and leave no traces. It seems that this is the ideal option, which is worth trying.

5. Adjust lighting

You can replace both the main luminaire andadditional illumination. Try something new and choose a completely different design, different from the previous ones. Perhaps now it will be a refined crystal chandelier, and for this the interior should not be classic, because eclecticism welcomes the most unusual solutions and combinations. Do not hesitate and experiment, and also highlight mirrors or bathrooms shelves.

6. We look under the feet

Perhaps the fastest change without mounting. Having bought a new bathroom mat, it will be enough for us to simply lay it on the floor, after having folded the old one. The main thing is to pick it up so that it fits perfectly with the curtain, then together they will create a complete and complete composition. In this case, there will be a peaceful harmony in the bathroom, and it's worth a lot.

7. We replace the mirror

If there was one mirror, then hang two, onlynot opposite each other. And the old must change, so much so that in shape and frame it was radically different. And if previously hung an oval mirror without a frame, now let it be rectangular and with a beautiful wooden frame. And even this simple action perfectly transforms the room of your bathroom.

8. Transforming with accessories

Let it and trifles, but, as a rule, it isdetails arrange accents and make the weather in a general interior. Therefore, cups, stands for brushes, soap holders, hooks and other accessories will be excellent candidates for renewal.