How to visually increase the height of the ceiling - photo examples

The usual phenomenon is low ceilings inhouses of the old building. They were planned for that time. And where to escape from these conditions now? Anywhere. It is just necessary to solve the problem by some other means, which necessarily exist. For example, there are many options that allow you to visually raise the ceiling. The scheme of the device of a mirror ceilingThe scheme of the device of a mirror ceiling.

How to make the ceiling high?

Those who did repairs in apartments with low ceiling, certainly faced with the question, but how to increase it in height? The whole process can be represented in two stages:

  • First, all architectural elements are eliminated,located horizontally, because they visually expand and shorten the walls. It makes sense to abandon all decorative panels, since they take up a lot of space. If, nevertheless, the intention to apply panels is strong, then it is better to do them just below the existing height.
  • Supplement the architectural transformation,through which an increase in height was made, methods of optical illusion of the elongated ceiling. Their advantage is that they do not expect to carry out a grandiose repair, as well as extra expenses.
  • Designers give a few simple recommendations on how to make the ceiling above, wider and roomier. And the first of them is a change in the color scheme of the room. Back to contents</a>

    How correctly to issue with color?

    The scheme of the components of the suspended ceiling. The color prevailing in the design of the interior of the room, largely determines its perception of the eye. Light and cold colors that color the object, visually detach it. Therefore, the ceilings, painted in such color combinations, will visually become higher. For these purposes, it is possible to pick up a gentle pearly or cold gray-white shade. In addition to these, green and blue objects have a visual separation property. It is for this reason that some owners decorate their ceiling structures in soft blue and light green hues. Pay attention: if you paint the surfaces of walls and ceiling in the same sky-blue hue, they will merge into one color spot (the border between them will not be so obvious), therefore the upper part of the room will be perceived as boundlessly high. Another recommendation, after which, the walls "lift" the ceiling: paint the surface of the walls much brighter, the contrast with the ceiling part will create the effect of a high ceiling. Back to contents</a>

    How else to increase the height of the ceiling?

    Mirror panels or a mirror covering of a ceiling - an excellent way "to raise" a ceiling part. Mounting scheme for a mirror ceiling. If it is decided to install a similar mirror design, then you need to know some of the finer points of the installation. Most importantly, they are not safe. To make such a ceiling cover safe, it is necessary to lay the panels in a special frame made of metal and provide a reliable fastening of each element. Polystyrene panels instead of mirror panels are the best solution in this case, since the former are cheaper, and they are easier to install and maintain. Naturally, the installation of these panels lower the ceiling part even lower. However, this flaw is easily compensated by the illusion of the presence of the second floor, in which the floor is transparent. Such designs perfectly harmonize with any style of interior and are appropriate in bedrooms, living rooms, halls, bathrooms and kitchens. Please note: glossy tension structures may be an alternative to glass. They are easy to assemble, and due to them also the room becomes taller. Only the reflection in them is not entirely clear. The fastest way to increase the height of the walls is to stick wallpaper on them in a vertical striped strip. Just do not choose bright contrast bands. The stronger the desire to raise the ceiling part, the narrower the stripes should be selected. To get the effect at full strength, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • Ceiling part in one color with stripedthe surface of the walls does not share a skirting board. Plinth is acceptable when it is very thin and completely merging with the ceiling zone. If it resembles a wide and thick strip, it will cut the walls and accentuate their low height. And the whole idea with stripes will come to naught.
  • When pasting walls with wallpaper in striped stripes, they are slightly turned on the ceiling area, without resorting to the help of a ceiling skirting board. This technique substantially corrects the problem of low walls.
  • If it is necessary to increase the ceiling volume, forMoldings are suitable for this purpose. These are decorative elements like a relief overhead bar. Only here their color should be a little lighter than the surrounding surfaces.
  • What is the role of furniture in increasing the heightroom? Items of furniture are another object of adjusting the height of the walls in the room. If you plan to raise walls in the room by means of furniture, you are advised to stop focusing on such elements:

    • narrow thin cabinets-pencil cases;
    • racks;
    • racks.

    Their principle of the effect of visual increase in heightThe ceiling is the same as the vertical wallpaper stripes. In this case, choosing furniture, avoid weighty and bulky elements, but prefer a more concise form. The main thing that should be considered when selecting furniture is that you do not have to choose massive objects that will "crush" your presence in a small room and visually reduce it even more visually. Visually raise the height of the ceiling part can still be due to one detail - curtains on the windows. An excellent option for visual adjustment of height are elongated models of curtains with curtains (to the floor and more). It is not so important when the window is small in width and because of this the curtains look like a narrow strip. Much more importantly, they will emphasize the vertical orientation of the interior of the room. After figuring out how to visually raise the ceiling, you can get down to business. The desired effect will be achieved if you apply these tips.