New Year's decor ideas: what to do with the remaining bottles


So, you have met the New Year, noisy parties have died down, and having begun to sort out the consequences, you have discovered deposits of empty wine bottles. Where to adapt this wealth? We have the answer!

Holidays are guests, unrestrained fun and a collection of empty wine bottles. How to deal with them with the maximum benefit for the interior, we will tell and show in our new collection.

Do you have a can with black paint and no vase? Here's your solution. Related articles

The absence of hangers is an excellent occasion to do creativity.

Have you learned how to cut bottles? Begin to cut off the bottoms and cover the candles with domes made of dark glass. Stylish, romantic and safe.

Less secure, but no less spectacular candlesticks are obtained if the candles are not covered, but plug their necks. Complicating the design, leaving the functional content - and get a full lamp.

Winter romantic option is obtained if you connect garlands on batteries, a stencil drawing and colors with sparkles.

Your hands can do anything? Get up for the carpentry machine! Here such beauty can be obtained at the output.

Figured cutting in skilled hands works wonders.

To implement this idea, you will only need attachments and a free wall.

A new home your succulents can find even at the bottom of the bottle.

To create such a vase you will need glue andlots and lots of blond. The procedure is as follows: first we pour the glue into the bottle and pour it out so that there is not a single dry area left inside; as soon as the glue drains, we fall asleep inside as much bling as you have, and then we pour out the remainder.

Tuck in a few bottles for the summer garden decor. Or implement this idea within your apartment. Related articles

A giant collection of bottles, an inquisitive mind and crazy hands can pour into this illuminating masterpiece.

If you still do not have enough raw materials for a masterpiece, you can limit yourself to this option. Too effective and airy, and how many delightful words from friends you will hear!

Drawing is your passion? Do not limit yourself to the outside of the canvas!

Does your yard lack airiness? Keep the idea.

If your collection shows up especiallybeautiful bottles, and in the nearest electrician store you will find the wires in retro style, do not waste time and cut bottoms from bottles. Fixtures will be fabulous.