How to expand the space in the apartment

Idea for small room interior: 5 options for using mirrors

Tiny room provides plenty of room.for imagination and experimentation! Many believe that the interior of a small apartment can not do without mirrors, which are one of the ways to visually increase the space and fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and serenity. However, many now use thesereflective panels for trim and accessories. Installing a mirror cabinet with sliding doors is a beaten cliche. In today's story, we will present to your attention solutions and ideas that were developed by a talented master and specialist Maria Dadiani. She took a fresh look at the use of these accessories in the decoration of modest housing. Try to implement these solutions when transforming your own apartments to give the situation an incredible grace, comfort and charm. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the result. Maria Dadiani is an experienced and brilliant specialist. She is a student of the Moscow Architectural Institute, as well as a finalist of the largest international competition in the field of interior design called PinWin in the nomination "The most unusual apartment decor" in 2014. Mary's talented specialist really likespractical and multifunctional solutions for efficient arrangement of modest rooms. However, she pays great attention to the selection of the most appropriate tint palette, rational arrangement of furniture, a harmonious combination of materials and textures, as well as the creation of a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Undoubtedly, mirror panels, it is necessary to use in the decoration of small apartments, studios and rooms, because they have a stunning effect of optical increase in space. However, to approach the selection of such accessories and items should be with extreme caution. In addition to the typical built-in cabinets with mirrored doors from floor to ceiling, you should look at other equally incomparable options. As a result, you can create an aesthetically appealing, creative and bewitching atmosphere in every corner of the apartment (living room, boudoir, kitchen and hallway).

1. Wall Art Gallery

Complete your wall decor with unique andextraordinary mirrors in volume frames. It will be interesting to look at elements of different shapes and sizes, as well as in eclectic frames. Such a composition can form an incredibly expressive, creative and laconic atmosphere in decoration. Interesting decoration of the staircase in the style of pop art Amazing accessories with a round shape and an interesting frame The design of the dining room in a delicate palette is accented with original turquoise paintings. The flight of stairs is simple, elegant and original.

2. Fake windows

Mirrors in the form of fake windows allowto transform the decoration of any corner of the house: guest lounge, kitchen, dining room, hallway and office. If you install them on the opposite side of the window opening, they will help you reflect the sunlight, filling the space with a gentle and magnetic radiance and warmth. In addition, such elements create the illusion of volume and lightness in the interior. The following photos present to your attention the unique options for home decor. Panel with arched silhouette reflects flowing curtains Interesting decoration of the walls above the cozy sofa attracts close attention. Unusual false window perfectly complements the design in the style of Provence

3. Slopes

Use reflective planes fordecorating window slopes makes it possible to radically change the appearance of any room. In addition, they create an interesting visual effect of volume and lightness in a tiny room. In addition, the design of arches and doorways mirrors allows you to harmoniously combine the interior and natural environment. Do not forget about the decoration of the door leaf. The possibilities in this area are almost endless! Decorating slopes - an interesting solution for small rooms Mirror sliding door on the rail

4. Wall decoration

You want to transform modest housing and visuallyincrease its area? A perfect solution would be a mirror mounted on the entire wall surface from floor to ceiling. Try this clever way to transform your own apartment or house. But at the same time, do not forget about the decor. Do not leave this space empty. For example, you can decorate a wall with an artwork or painting canvas, put a console or a dressing table, a small laconic pouf, and also an elegant armchair. This tricky version of the decor is suitable for the transformation of any corner of the apartment. In a boudoir, a mirror can be installed behind the headboard, in the guest lounge - behind a couch, bookcase or stand with a TV. Boudoir design in delicate turquoise palette with original lattice decor Reflective patina panels are great for exquisite decoration. Amazing and elegant boudoir design in a luxurious style Design in the style of pop art adorns the high mirror wall panel Spectacular guest lounge with a cozy atmosphere

5. Cloth

Using small fragments or usingyou can easily make an original piece of decor and interior with a certain shape: in the form of a tall floor lamp, a cat silhouette or a bird, an inscription or a symbol. This accessory will not only transform the situation, but also the epicenter of attention in the apartment. The original pattern in the design of the partition Cozy living room with a unique design element The figure of a polar bear gives the apartment charm and refinement Miniature butterflies and daisies are wonderfuldecorate the children's room. Take advantage of these unique ideas and solutions to transform your own home to visually enlarge the space and fill the atmosphere with beauty, incredible charm and elegance.