Ideas for the ceiling with your own hands: painting, decoupage

- a creative activity, capable of capturing everyone. Most often, it does not require special skills and large material investments. From the boldest ideas to the final result is a short road. It is only necessary to determine precisely the chosen solution. Finishing with wooden slats or panelsFigure 1. For finishing wooden slats or panels well suited tinted or natural wood color.

Interesting ideas for finishing the ceiling

To choose the final version of the ceiling finish,first, you need to analyze the purpose of each room. Also, you need to take into account the lighting and the extent to which the ceiling should attract attention. Ideas for decor can be peeped on the Internet or come up yourself. The easiest way to do it is to paint the ceiling. If the walls are painted in a neutral color, then a slightly saturated tone on the ceiling will give the room more style. The paint everywhere will give the room a sense of spaciousness. The lighter color of the ceiling will make the room visually higher, and the use of several colors will immediately add to the interior of glamor and luxury. Figure 2. With the help of stucco, you can achieve an incredible ceiling finish. With the help of paint, you can focus only on the boundaries of the ceiling. For example, in a room with wooden furniture, luxurious friezes of bright color or tinted under the color of wood will be appropriate. Excellent idea in finishing a small room - painting the walls and parts of the multi-level ceiling in 1 color. Special tiles and wallpaper can also become an affordable material for decoration. A beautiful pattern and structure looks very impressive when the light from the window is reflected from their surface. With the skillful application of this idea will achieve a true style of any interior. Another option - finishing with wooden slats or panels (Fig. 1). For this design is good tinted or natural color of the tree. For a more bold and modern solution, such panels can be painted in light colors. The idea of ​​applying decorative plaster to the ceiling is not new, but it finds new fans every time. Different relief and intricate drawing attracts the eye and becomes the center of attention. For rooms in the antique and Gothic style, it is best to apply stucco molding (Fig. 2). It can be plaster or polyurethane. With the help of stucco, you can achieve incredible beauty and sophistication of the ceiling finish. Figure 3. Vinyl stickers will help to mask the stain and crack, without resorting to grandiose repair. True talents of painting will like the idea of ​​ceiling painting with acrylic paints. On this kind of canvas, you can give free rein to all your imagination. It is appropriate here to look clouds, sky, geometric pattern or any pattern that is already present in the decoration of the room. Who is not endowed with such a gift, can use ready-made applications (Fig. 3). There are a lot of vinyl stickers on sale that are easy to use and can be used several times. They can easily decorate a nursery or simply mask the stain and crack without resorting to grandiose repair. Back to contents</a>

Independent decoupage of the ceiling

Decoupage always looks original and stylish. It is performed on the ceiling with the help of selected ready templates or thematic drawings. It happens to be simple and bulky, the latter is familiar to many as an ordinary stucco. Decoupage of the ceiling with their own hands is easy and very interesting. Before work, make sure that the working surface is cleaned of dust and primed. To implement decoupage, the following materials and tools will be required:

  • polyurethane decoration elements;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • Styroporous glue (or liquid nails);
  • a stepladder or a tall table.

Step-by-step execution of work:

  • Draw a sketch of the future ceiling on paper.
  • Paint the pencil on the ceiling according to the sketch.
  • For each piece of stucco, alternately apply glue and glue to the surface, observing the pattern.
  • Templates for ceiling decoupage are veryvarious. They can be various moldings, rosettes, plinths. This material is selected for the overall style of the room or its individual elements. After the installation, the stucco can be painted with a contrasting paint or brought closer to the main color of the general background. Further care is carried out with a soft brush or a damp rag.