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How to create a dressing room into whichwill fit everything you need for all seasons at once? And also hats, shoes, bags, scarves and a ton of little things, without which you can't go anywhere. A professional designer will tell us about all this today. Creating a dressing room on the territory of a country house or city apartment is a dream that has no gender identification. To have a separate room for clothes, shoes and accessories in the modern world is more a logical necessity than an unattainable luxury. In addition, oddly enough, the process of designing a dressing room does not contain any intimate secrets. Interior designer Asya Bondareva convinced us of this. Asya Bondareva, decorator and interior designer Asya received her design education at the British Higher School of Art and Design. For more than six years she has been designing private and public interiors, exercising architectural supervision, more than 20 projects have been implemented under her supervision. It takes into account all the latest trends and is attentive to the details. He believes that good design is when everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

- I love to design dressing rooms fortheir customers. I always strive to provide a place for this important room in my projects. As a rule, I try to arrange dressing rooms like this: in the entrance area - for outerwear and shoes, sports equipment, and in the bedrooms - for basic and off-season clothes and suitcases. The main advantages of dressing rooms

  • Firstly, it's mega-convenience, everything is at hand and always in sight.
  • Secondly, this solution allows you to do without bulky cabinets that visually reduce space.
  • Thirdly, this is an opportunityTo save, because for the wardrobe device you only need one door, and for a large closet, comparable to the capacity with a dressing room, you need several front doors, which at a price are much more expensive. If the dressing room is done in the bedroom, then you can generally replace the door with a curtain. This is often a very beautiful and inexpensive solution.
  • How to start designing a wardrobe

    I am a supporter of filling the wardrobe, made to order, it allows you to take into account all the preferences, make the right number of boxes, shelves, bars for clothes, shoes, bags.

    First of all, make a list of things that you are going to store in the dressing room, be sure to put a stock of 10-20%, since things have the property to add.

    When designing it is necessary to take into accountErgonomics - if you are going to do drawers in the U-shaped wardrobe, be sure to make sure that you can open them unhindered. Boxes are ideal for making on the end wall, if the dressing room turns out to be small.

    The depth of the shelves should be from 30 to 60 cm, less impractical, and more - the hand will not get what lies deep, especially if it is the top shelf.

    Place for hanging clothes can be anyLength, but width should be not less than 50-55 cm, this value is tied to the size of coat hangers. You can, of course, place the bar not along the walls, but perpendicular to it, this technique allows you to reduce the depth of the cabinet, but it is not so convenient to use, because things overlap one another.

    If you get to make a dressing room with a window, it's wonderful, but I strongly recommend in that case to make the doors that cover clothing from burnout. Recently, the solution has become very popularHave a dressing room between the bedroom and the bathroom. Indeed, it is very convenient - passing through the dressing room, you can undress, take a shower, then change into your home clothes. Layfhaki for dressing rooms

  • On the door of the dressing room on the back, provide a mirror, it will not occupy additional space, but will always serve its purpose.
  • If the dressing room is large, put in the middle of the island with boxes. It will serve as a convenient place for laying out clothes.
  • To use the corners in the dressing room, it is convenient to use the trading equipment (accessories), the columns are spiral, on them you can hang things up and twist them, finding the necessary thing without problems.
  • You can also show your imagination in designingCloakroom, for example, cover the walls with bold wallpaper or take some contrast material for the shelves - this will look spectacular and always please its design.
  • The project of this wardrobe room is realizedCompany IDC Collection. The dimensions of the room are quite small - only 2.5 by 3 meters, the ceiling height is 2.7 m. However, despite the size, the authors managed to accommodate in a small amount all the necessary storage systems and even get by the top light - the illumination is not provided here, and in it not necessary. IDC Collection Design IDC Collection Design IDC Collection Design IDC Collection Design