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Ideal apartment for a young family -


Here is an interior that fits perfectlya thirty-year-old couple. But will this interior remain comfortable when they are 40? And won't it lose its relevance? And how can you create a timeless interior? We will answer these questions in today's article. This spacious apartment in a new building belongs to a young family: thirty-year-old parents and their two young daughters. Dad is a hockey player, for whom mom and daughters always root for them. The family is now going through one of the brightest periods of their lives: they are young and active, travel a lot, raise children, conquer new heights in sports and business. The purchase of a new apartment was another achievement in the list of victories, and it is this feeling of youth, success and happiness that designer Irina Krasheninnikova tried to express in the interior. Irina Krasheninnikova, designer A graduate of the "Details" design school and a philosopher by first education. When creating interiors, he is guided by the principle "environmentally friendly - comfortable - optimistic". He considers it important to develop the theme of the modern Russian style in Russian interiors, the uniqueness of which is due to the specifics of local life. Interia Awards nominee. Irina Krasheninnikova, designer: - I wanted to reflect the brightness and emotionality of this period of their life in the interior and called the whole project “Bright stripe”. The hallway, painted with contrasting stripes, has become the stylistic key of the interior. The colors used for painting the walls and ceiling of the hallway are "disassembled" for the rest of the apartment in different proportions. Layout The apartment has a rather complicated configuration. When buying, customers perceived this as a disadvantage, however, with the help of a competent planning, it was possible to turn it into an advantage. The apartment was filled with new functional rooms: in addition to the main rooms, there was a place for two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, a laundry room, and even a special room for drying hockey uniforms. Living room + kitchen The living room and the kitchen-dining room are separated by a high and wide opening. Door leaves made of frosted glass move apart "into the wall", creating the illusion of a united space. Have a spacious common area for communication, receptionguests and games with children was one of the main wishes of customers. But since they like to cook in this family and do it "on a grand scale," it was important to be able to close the kitchen if necessary. Irina's customers are very hospitable and hospitablefamily, they like to invite guests home and gather together at a large table. By the way, it became the only thing that the couple wanted to keep from their previous interior. It was for him that the designer selected the rest of the situation. As a result, according to the hostess of the house, the table fits into the new kitchen as a native. Bedroom The bedroom turned out to be quite small.area - only 9 sq. m. Its dimensions were determined by the location of the windows and the size of the dressing room. Since it was important for the customers to have a lot of storage space, choosing whether to add an extra meter to the bedroom or to the dressing room, they preferred the second option. Irina Krasheninnikova, designer:- Given the size of the room, I suggested painting the ceiling and walls in the same saturated color - the darkest in the entire interior palette. This technique created a cozy cocoon feeling in the small bedroom. Children's room Children's room is located opposite the kitchen-dining room, emphasizing the symmetrical construction of the central part of the apartment. The small area - 11 squares - is due to the location of the windows and the bearing pylon. However, there is enough space for everything: for example, a spacious wardrobe is provided for storing things, built into a niche behind the door to the room. Repair of the apartment lasted almost a year. When Irina together with the customers just started work on this project, the child in the family was alone and the room was designed only for one girl. But when the apartment was already built, the second baby was born, so a two-story bed appeared in the children's room. Color solution Customers wanted to getlight, but non-trivial interior. The floor, ceiling and walls are decorated in a neutral palette, but each room has a coloristic accent: in the living room it is a blue ceiling, in the kitchen - a sea buckthorn apron, in the nursery - a strawberry-red plinth, in the bathroom - the same strawberry-red ceiling ... In the hallway, all the colors used for the rest of the rooms are collected in stripes of different widths. So, upon entering the apartment, the palette of this interior is immediately visible. Irina Krasheninnikova, designer: - Internal keel-like hall is a logical continuation of the hallway and painted the same as it - with contrasting stripes. The openings leading from the living room to the hallway and the inner hall are symmetrically located. Therefore, when viewed from the living room, the walls of the hallway and the hall are perceived especially effectively. Accessories and decor The main role in fillinginterior colors play in this apartment accessories. The living room walls are decorated with four textile panels from Marimekko. The most recognizable of them is Maki (Unikko) Mayi Isola. But no less expressive is the print created according to the drawings of Aino-Maya Metsola. The artist made sketches while observing the weather. The fabric depicts rain clouds, which Aino admired on the Finnish island of Yussarö. A funky black and white print with the Russian name Vatruska was also invented by Aino. The fourth print is called Taapeli, designed by Jenni Tuominen. Everything and decor in the apartment is a mix of original vintage items from the mid-20th century and items created by modern European and American designers in the spirit of optimism of the 60s. Style Customers taste preferences and their stylelife incline Irina to the idea of ​​creating an interior close in spirit to modernism of the middle of the last century. This is how optimistic colors and dynamically shaped furniture appeared in the project. Irina Krasheninnikova, designer: - In my opinion, used furniture forms are also associated with the theme of sports and travel in their different manifestations. For example, the Passion seats (lunch group) remind of the cabin of the yacht, and the armrests of the Organic armchairs (the group in the bay window of the living room) - about the wing of the aircraft. Tips from Irina Krasheninnikova:

  • Use more vivid colors. Despite the fact that I prefer to paint living rooms in neutral colors, non-residential premises (corridors, bathrooms, halls) look great in a bright palette. Paints allow you to bring to the interior a charge of emotion, giving it freshness and relevance. In this interior, pay attention to the hall and the inner hall, painted with bright contrasting stripes.
  • Use in finishing natural materials. They give the interior an eco-building that is mandatory for the Scandinavian style. Pay attention to the panel of natural river pebbles in the bathroom and the floors of natural oak in the rooms.
  • Work more actively with the ceiling. It does not have to be white. In this apartment in all rooms the ceiling is colored: blue - in the living room, sand color - in the nursery, strawberry-red - in the guest bathroom and, finally, lined with natural oak in the kitchen.
  • If the layout of your apartment is such thatbedroom gets 10-15 square meters, paint the ceiling and walls in the room in the same saturated color. Thanks to this technique, a very cozy cocoon sensation, a special atmosphere of security, will be created in the small bedroom.

Used in the interior: Entrance hall

  • floor hanger - Boconcept (Denmark);
  • curbstone - Kartell (Italy);
  • ceiling lamps - Fabbian (Italy);
  • wall lights - Linea Light (Italy);
  • ceramic stand for umbrellas - Farol (Portugal).

Living room

  • sofa - Jesse (Italy);
  • chest and desk - IKEA (Sweden);
  • chairs in the bay window - Vitra, model Organic (Sweden);
  • an armchair at a sofa - Fritz Hansen, model Swan;
  • a shelf for TV and a console behind the sofa are made to order;
  • coffee tables - Camerich (Russia);
  • chair at the desktop - the property of customers;
  • outdoor lamp - Flos, model Arco (USA);
  • table lamps - Louis Poulsen (Denmark) and Oluce (Italy);
  • ceiling lamp in the bay window - Esedra (Italy);
  • ceiling lamp in the center - Alt Lucialternative (Italy);
  • decorative pillows - Zara Home (Spain);
  • porcelain bowl and candlestick - Marimekko (Finland);
  • red vase - Boconcept (Denmark).

Kitchen-dining room

  • kitchen set - Ernestomeda (Italy);
  • chairs - Cassina (Italy)
  • dining table - the property of customers;
  • household appliances - Bosch (Germany);
  • refrigerator - Neff (Germany);
  • grill and steamer - Siemens (Germany);
  • pendant lamps near the window- Esedra (Italy);
  • suspended lights above the table - Belux (Switzerland).


  • a bed - Dream Land (Russia);
  • bedside tables - Camerich (Russia);
  • table lamps - Farol (Portugal);
  • suspended lamp - Verpan (Denmark);
  • wall lights - LEDS-C4 (Spain);
  • bedspread, bed linen and decorative pillows - Zara Home (Spain) and Stokmann (Finland).


  • bed and built-in wardrobe are made to order;
  • curbstone - Kartell (Italy);
  • fixtures - Fabbian (Italy);
  • bedspread, bed linen and decorative pillows - Zara Home (Spain) and IKEA (Sweden).


  • mixers - Grohe (Germany);
  • Sanitary facilities - Hatria (Italy);
  • wall lamps - Fabbian (Italy);
  • textiles and porcelain accessories - Zara Home (Spain);
  • baskets - IKEA (Sweden) and Stokmann (Finland);
  • porcelain bowls - Dylan Kendall (USA).

Guest bathroom

  • mixers - Grohe (Germany);
  • Sanitary facilities - Hatria (Italy);
  • suspended cabinet - on request;
  • mirror with built-in lamp - LEDS-C4 (Spain);
  • porcelain accessories - vintage, Germany, 60th years of XX century.