Ideas for decorating walls with your own hands: how to make a home cozy

In accordance with our ideals, we strivemake your home comfortable and cozy. There are many ways to find a DIY wall decor idea. Some people search for them on the Internet. Others use décor ideas on the advice of friends, local craftsmen. A very important issue is, because they occupy most of the house. This is the backdrop for furniture and home furnishings. A creative person will be able to find original ideas for decorating the walls of the house. Design wallpaperCorrectly selected wallpaper design makes the room visually larger, better, brighter.

Features of different rooms in the house

Registration of this load-bearing structure for a city apartment, country cottage, a drawing room, a children's room, a bedroom differs, as each room in the house fulfills its special functions. Sequence of wallpapering.

  • The living room is the visiting card, the most importantroom in the house where guests are invited, where the whole family is going. There must be a warm atmosphere, the best furniture and stylish accessories. We need materials for the walls that are durable, amazing with their magnificence and beauty.
  • Kitchen - a room in which for the finishing of walls you need to choose moisture-proof, durable, washable, vapor-proof materials.
  • In the bedroom, the atmosphere of peace, comfort and privacy is important. Here we spend a third of our lives.
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    Wallpapers: decor ideas for load-bearing structures

    Methods of applying decorative plaster. This wall covering can give a special color to the walls.

  • Paper wallpapers are available for the price. But they are marching, they can not be cleaned. Therefore, for the kitchen, they do not fit. Such a cloth is convenient for decorating the walls of the bedroom, living room.
  • Vinyl wallpaper is economical and durableoption of interior decoration. This wall covering has many excellent qualities - it is universal, beautiful, durable. Its base is thinner than the non-woven fabric. But it can withstand the cleaning and treatment with a damp cloth. This wall covering is ideal for the kitchen. Since the vinyl sheet hinders the flow of air, the bedroom and the living room will often have to be ventilated
  • Acrylic wallpaper - an analog of the coating of vinyl. Acrylic is safe for health. It has a porous structure and allows air to pass through. Therefore, the bedroom creates a good microclimate with favorable humidity and temperature.
  • Wall-papers. They are made of fiberglass, have a magnificent modern look, are incombustible, durable. They are used in any rooms, because the fiberglass passes air, and the microclimate is not disturbed. A practical solution will be the decoration of the load-bearing structures of the house with linen with non-woven base. It is believed that this is the most convenient and high-quality material for covering the walls.
  • Dense interlining well conceals unevenwall surface. The variety of patterns and patterns, density, moisture resistance make this finishing material indispensable. Non-woven coatings can be repainted many times to update the decor of the load-bearing structures of the house. They are easy to clean and wash. The wallpaper does not lose its wonderful appearance for a long time. The use of non-woven fabric is appropriate in the bedroom, as it helps maintain a good microclimate.
  • Textile wallpaper - two-layered elite coatingfor the walls. This material is suitable for a luxurious bedroom, creates a refined interior style. It is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, has unsurpassed aesthetic qualities, rich texture of various shades, excellent noise absorption properties, light reflection and thermal insulation. The disadvantages of this painting are not only the high price, but also the need for constant thorough cleaning from dust by special means. This textile needs to be handled with utmost care, as with improper care, dirt penetrates deeply into the fabric, which soon loses its beautiful appearance.
  • Silk screen printing is one of the types of vinyl coating. The characteristic shine or dullness of its smooth texture gives woven silk threads. Wallpapers with silk are high-strength, waterproof, vapor-permeable. This dense coating is suitable for a bath, kitchen, hallway. Various contaminants are easily removed from it.
  • Liquid wallpaper. This dry mixture is diluted with water and applied to the wall surface. After it dries, a porous coating is formed. It is practical and convenient, suitable for any room in the house.
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    Ideas for decorating walls with your own hands

    Different materials are used for decoration: Schemes of wall finishing with natural stone.

  • Wall decoration with leather. This material was used in antiquity. In our time, he is again popular. The skin is very durable, durable, moisture resistant. Particularly interesting is the effect of crumpled skin.
  • Ideas for decorating walls with your own hands usinglight-accumulating paints. They are colored and transparent. Paints can work by themselves or paired with ultraviolet lamps. There are always noticeable colors or appear only at night. Previously, they were used in nightclubs, the show industry. Now they are used in the home interior: in the living room, children's room. Classic interior in the daytime can easily be turned into a bohemian place at night. You can decorate the walls with thematic drawings.
  • Decor walls with a mural. It decorates any interior, if you choose the right artist. The mural specialist must come up with the idea of ​​an image that will blend in with the overall style of the room. Using fantasy, you can depict everything that you like. Painting in the interior gives a lot of space for creativity. Paintings on the wall have numerous varieties. You can choose a wall decor in a palace style or a romantic landscape. It will be interesting to choose a copy of the famous master's picture, medieval fresco, abstract work or author's work. The idea of ​​the plot depends on the tastes of the dwellers. Painting on the walls should be appropriate and high-quality. Frescos help to achieve maximum comfort and comfort in the room. For the living room, Italian landscapes are ideal. They visually increase the space. To decorate the bedroom, it is better to choose romantic images. The office can be decorated with ornaments and old maps.
  • Wall decoration with decorative stone. They can decorate the wall near the dining table, near the doors, in the corner. Stones can be laid out a geometric figure, an arch or door opening.
  • Decor of walls with a covering by a tree. With the help of this decor reception, uneven walls easily disappear. In winter, such a covering does not allow cooling the walls. It regulates the moisture level in the room.
  • Decorative finishing plaster has a special texture. Unusual grainy images with different shades are created. Some types of plaster allow three-dimensional images and paintings.
  • To, you just need to apply imagination and desire to create a cozy home. Then the native apartment will become a real masterpiece.