Ideas for the house: the interior of the living room and bedroom

To equip your own house or apartment,There is no need to have a diploma of a professional designer, it is enough just to follow certain rules and advice. Based on the recommendations, you can create a stylish and attractive interior with your own hands, which completely transforms the dwelling. Interior of the roomThe main thing when designing interior designbedroom or living room - maximum comfort. When choosing an idea for a house, you must immediately decide which room will be the work. In the kitchen and children's interior will be completely different. Not only the elements of the situation will be different, but also the color solution, accessories. Ideas for the house can be picked up by the most extraordinary. You can buy unusual pieces of furniture, design original partitions. The interior will become exquisite and luxurious, if for it to use stained-glass windows and systems of cornice highlights, light wooden partitions.

Interior of living room

Ideas for the home with their own hands to embody not socomplicated. The greatest room for choice is provided by the living rooms. These are multifunctional rooms, they are designed for rest of the whole family. Guests are welcome here, children play their games. Often the living rooms are used as work places, places for needlework. Therefore among the numerous ideas it is necessary to choose those that will correspond to the purpose of the room as much as possible, while reflecting the tastes and passions of the owners. For the living room, the details of the decor, made by themselves, are ideal. It can be beautiful patchwork rugs from pieces of fur, cape for armchairs and sofas. Do not overload the interior of the living room with extradetails - it should be spacious and bright. If the room is designed in an African style so fashionable today, then you can supplement the interior with paintings on ethnic themes, homemade lamps. Sand, brown, beige materials, imitations of uncouth stone will suit the walls. If the living room will be used not only for rest, but also for work, then excellent ideas for the house is the separation of zones by wallpaper and the installation of original partitions. The work area can be fenced off with a multi-functional low partition with through shelves. You can also build the desktop yourself, use the built-in open lockers. Rest zone, too, will not be difficult to arrange. If the area of ​​the room is small, then you can choose a trim with an imitation of the present fireplace, use a drywall for work. This allows you to visually make the space more comfortable and warm, you can install trinkets and vases. For country-style living rooms, homespun rugs, knitted capes for armchairs and sofas are suitable. Attractive coffee table can easily be made of wood, on the shelves to arrange homemade figurines. For a private home, you can use the idea of ​​combining a living room and an open terrace. First, a special panoramic glazing is performed, wide doors will go directly to the summer area. If you want, you can build a small garden that fills the living room with its aromas in the warm season. In an apartment such a corner can be built on a balcony or a loggia. Back to contents</a>

Ideas for bedroom interior

Picture 1. The bedroom is recommended to be decorated in soft colors, which help to relax. Modern ideas for the home with their own hands to realize is not so difficult. Many design options can be devised for a bedroom. The area for sleeping and rest can be decorated in different styles. Most often the preference is given to a calm and quiet environment, as in Fig. 1, but the most daring modern style can be an excellent solution. The bed does not have to be standard, today there are numerous bold ideas for home:

  • Beds-mattresses do not have a traditional hull,they just fit on a flat surface. For such a bed you need to collect a low podium, you can additionally decorate the step with the backlight. The mattress will fit into a small groove so that it does not move on the floor. An example is shown in Fig.
  • For a bedroom a large amount of furniture is notpreference is given to soft and comfortable furniture. Great ideas for home - it's a seat-bags with a soft padding. The chair can be easily assembled by hand, for this purpose a bag of the necessary size is sewn, which is then filled with any suitable stuffing, for example, polystyrene balls.
  • To make the interior more refined andstylish, you can apply stained glass. Varieties are many, they can be used for windows, balcony and interior doors, for shades. A special charm will be provided by a ceiling lighting system made up of stained glass. Colored glass in the interior is recommended for a multi-level ceiling. Above the panel, a light source in the form of an LED strip is usually attached. Next, the glass is mounted, it can have any pattern. To create a stained-glass window, you can use a special color film, paints. Any house with such an idea will become unusual, create the effect of an open space, a light summer gazebo.
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    Ideas for a house with long and small kitchens

    Figure 2. In the bed-podium should be a recess for fixing the mattress. The kitchen is a space that is used not only for cooking. Even in a big house it is in the kitchen that the whole family gathers, in the evening time is spent for a cup of tea, and in the morning plans for the day are discussed. To make the interior of the kitchen more comfortable and cozy, you need to pay attention to decorating and decorating. You have to start with the choice of style. For the kitchen, country, hi-tech, classic, English style are preferred. It is required to take into account the shape of the kitchen, it will not necessarily be square. In the city apartments the kitchens are elongated, with niches. Even such shortcomings can be turned into dignities. How can you transform a kitchen that is too elongated with one window in the end part? Everything is not as bad as it might seem at first sight. You can install functional translucent partitions, which will separate the working area from the dining room. The partition can be assembled from wooden racks, use crossbeams to hang different kitchen utensils. The interior of the work area can be supplemented with LED lighting, it is more convenient to place it above the countertop. For the dining area, you can use homemade lamps that will hang over the kitchen table. Its surface can be decorated with a mosaic of broken tiles or glass. What ideas can there be for a house if the space is small? Instead of the usual window sill, it is recommended to build a folding table in the kitchen. It is made from a plate of MDF or plywood, which is decorated in a general style with a kitchen decoration. When folded, this table will not take up much space. An example is shown in Fig. The walls can be decorated with functional shelves, on which spices, kitchen accessories will be stored. Such ideas for the house are a good substitute for cumbersome furniture. When choosing a headset, preference should be given to built-in cabinets, doors should be made with glass, use backlight. Back to contents</a>

    Children's interiors

    The children's room is completely separatespace intended for the child. The interior here is complicated, since the kid in this room not only sleeps, but also plays, does lessons, communicates with friends. Therefore, the room should be harmoniously divided into separate zones. For each apply their elements, so the design is given special attention. Figure 3. To save space in the kitchen, you can use a folding table. For a child, the child should be comfortable, comfortable. Space should be used functionally, do not clutter it with furniture, but do not put it at minimum. The sleeping place is cozy and spacious. In addition to the bed you need a locker for clothes and clothes, good dim lighting. The bed should be placed in such a way that it is provided with excellent access to fresh air, often this place is near the window. The play area in the interior should be spacious, it is combined with a place for classes. What ideas are still suitable for children? In a small room, you can perfectly combine a sleeping place and a desk. Today, numerous models of two-tier structures have been developed:

  • A bed placed on the upper level can be accessed by a comfortable and safe ladder.
  • Under the bed is a comfortable working table, near the corner you can put a box for toys or laundry.
  • A lot of space is released in the room, itUsed for games, recreation. Here you can put a soft and comfortable chair, for young children to place game houses. For finishing, quiet light colors are used, textiles are only used natural. Brighter shades are suitable for the zone of games, but they should be perfectly combined with the others. The interior of the nursery differs in numerous features. For walls it is possible to provide large panels-easels, then the child will have an opportunity to draw directly on the walls of the room. To place toys, you can make bright, unusual shapes of boxes on wheels. For games in the liberated space, you can put a sports corner with a Swedish wall, a rope, soft mats. Ideas for the house need to be selected, given the child's sex, age, his hobbies. How to completely change the interior of your house? Here everything is both difficult and simple. First you need to decide for which room the decor is selected, then take into account its features, including the area of ​​the room, the level of lighting.