Decor of small squares

Ideas for a small apartment. 45 photos for you!

The reasons why someone became happyowner of modest square meters can be a lot. For one, this is all that he could afford, to another, this area was inherited, and someone deliberately reduced housing space for the sake of more noble achievements. One way or another, when the euphoria from the acquisition of the desired will pass, the question of its improvement will arise. So take a look at some excellent ideas! The most important conceptual solution for small areas is combinatoriality. In other words, the space should change easily depending on current needs. For example, by the end of the day the working office can be easily transformed into a recreation area, and the bedroom smoothly turns into a living room, and then into a dining room. Such a metamorphosis is possible through the use of furniture on wheels or special structures that allow you to remove unused items in a vertical plane. So, say, a raised bed can be a wardrobe or an ironing area. And what options do you see? Write us about it!

Living rooms