Interior design for women

Interior ideas for a little girl apartment: 10 interesting tips

Today we will introduce you to the magnificenta selection of decorative ideas that will help you to create a stylish and charming Scandinavian design in your apartment. Let's look at the basic ways of transforming the decoration on the example of a small apartment developed by talented craftsmen especially for the girl.

1. Beige, not white walls

If you value warmth and comfort, thenthe option is best for you. The snow-white shade forms the illusion of volume and spaciousness in the room, and the creamy one is able to create a wonderful romantic atmosphere for relaxing and receiving guests.

2. Light and gentle curtains

The size, texture and material of the curtains noticeably affectson the interior of a small apartment. For example, heavy and bulky curtains create a feeling of depression, and airy and concise ones fill the atmosphere of the apartments with incredible charm, warmth and serenity. Pink accessories and green plants perfectly dilute the neutral design of the apartment

3. Various textiles

Complete the room design with moresoft accessories and decorative elements that bring incredible comfort, elegance and charm to the atmosphere. For example, pillows with covers of thick and thin linen, a combination of silk and cotton bed linen, as well as a satin blanket and a woolen blanket look great in a modest room.

4. Accents of pink color in the interior

Best for decorating apartmentsGirls suitable pale pink palette. It envelops the room with tenderness, romance and magnetism. In the following photos you can see how interesting and original crimson and coral accessories are combined with other shades: smoky, brown and white. Pink pillows on the couch, dishes, peonies - everything in this design is amazing with its elegance and magnetism! Laconic decoration of the hallway blends harmoniously with the decor of the kitchen The absence of upper cabinets and the snow-white facades of the headset create the illusion of volume.

5. Romantic graffiti

The bedroom above the bed is charmingmessage in Swedish: “Lycklig” (“Happy”). This item of decor and interior fits perfectly into the overall decoration of the apartment. In this case, every time he gets out of bed, the hostess sees him. The power of positive thinking helps to make a new day happier than the previous one.

6. Candelabra at the guest lounge

Candles in the room look very attractiveelegant and concise. You probably bought them more than once, but you left it idle in the closet. Provide in your apartment a special place for candlesticks. As a result, you can enjoy the beautiful view and the crash of the flame every day.

7. Design compositions

Installations will be able to transform the decoration of anyHouse rooms: living room, kitchen, bedroom or office. For example, you can beautifully arrange books on shelves of a rack, place plants in ceramic pots on a window sill or candles on a table. The possibilities in this area are almost endless! Look at the following photos. A charming shelf with a picture was set over the headboard of a sleeping bed. In this case, the TV accentuates the original and interesting home greenhouse with greenery in pots. Exquisite monochrome boudoir decoration diluted bright accessories The reading corner in the living room is accented with an elegant chair, floor lamp and rug.

8. Round cardboard boxes and boxes

Find such devices you can in anygift shop and decorative items. They will help you transform the design of the living room, boudoir or dressing room. Thanks to their refined and elegant appearance, they will look great on the open shelves. In addition, with the help of such boxes you can hide from the outside gaze all the ugly things and documents. In this example, the snow-white caskets were located on the niches of the kitchen rack.

9. Mosaic tiles in the wall decoration in the kitchen

If you want to give the apron an unusual andoriginal look, discard standard white ceramic tiles. Mosaic is an ideal solution for almost any decoration not only modern, but also classical. When choosing this finishing material, go carefully to the selection of colors. In this apartment, the specialists used black mosaic tiles for facing the apron, which contrasts remarkably well against the background of a headset with light-colored facades. Snow-white design of the kitchen with expressive chocolate accents Tiled apron saturated black shade perfectly with home appliances in a metal case

10. Houseplants in the interior of the apartment

Flowers and plantings will help you give the settingincredible natural charm and magnetism. Arrange beautiful vases, pots and pots with matchless deciduous plants and bouquets throughout the house, giving them a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Peonies beautifully decorate the dining table and give the atmosphere tenderness and charm Layout of housing This apartment representswonderful paradise for a young and active girl. It is filled with bright decorations, cozy textiles and functional furniture, which allows the hostess to enjoy a pleasant life, quiet rest and pastime in the walls of this unusual house.