Ideas for small interiors

Interior ideas for a small apartment: useful tricks for storing things

To avoid piling up things in a smallapartment, you should not resort to teleporting techniques and the use of spaces of parallel worlds. Some simple, and most importantly, real solutions will solve this problem in full. According to the designers, only a well thought out layout of the space will eliminate the problem of storing a large number of things. Thinking through the moments of qualitative use of any possibilities of your housing, associated with the provision of extra centimeters of usable space, even at the planning stage of future repairs will save you from many problems. Especially the direction of these thoughts should focus on the use of seats, intended for cabinets. Before you finally decide on the shape and the constructive content of these products, remember all things that have sufficient dimensions. Sports equipment, cleaning equipment and household appliances are all things, the place for which is best to be foreseen in advance, which will help avoid a hectic search for the necessary spaces in the future. Small interiors often have suchcomponents like niches, various projections and openings, which is a great place to organize the storage of various things. It is also worth remembering that the presence of open shelves does not adversely affect the available space, and these products have sufficient capacity. Each room has its own closet, performing its specific functions. That is why the process of thinking about the characteristics of these products and their practical capabilities in the conditions of the place in which they will be installed must be carried out at a serious level. Tall, almost ceiling, and full-wall wardrobesallow to equip various mezzanines and additional sections, which will not be superfluous and will allow you to store a sufficient number of different things, the need for which will depend on the season and other non-permanent factors. In addition, these products can be designed with the help of various interesting design solutions that most positively affect the overall image of the existing interior. Several open sections, if you decide to use this technique, will not spoil at all, but on the contrary, improve the appearance of such a cabinet. Seasonal things are realthe problem associated with their storage. The volume of these wardrobe items does not allow folding them compactly and neatly, which adversely affects the design of the room and its internal order. You'd be surprised, but flat plastic bags with some contents inside, which can be folded capaciously and neatly in one small place, are nothing more than harmful winter jackets, wool sweaters and even pillows. Vacuum bags are exactly the thing with which this impressive effect was achieved. If with the cabinets become something more orless clear, then you can go to other places, the use of which also favorably affect the small usable area of ​​your home. The space under the bed and ottomans - this is what else is useful in the process of solving the issue of storing your belongings. Designers believe that under the bed will fit different boxes that can contain shoes and the necessary small things. Padded stools, equipped with a hinged lid, can also be an excellent place to store small items. Any little thing, including the most necessary, beforeits storage should be carefully sorted. It is these actions that will save you from a small mess, which, as you know, is the beginning of the general chaos, and your favorite objects of decor and interior will not only be at hand, but also provide a quick search for the desired name. To ensure internal order, acquire several hinged pockets that are easy to attach, both in the cabinet itself and on its doors. This product will help you to store an incredible number of different items, and also due to its secrecy, it will create the feeling of an ideal image, in which there is not a single extra element. You must agree, any open shelf just tempts you, forcing you to put at least something. But a carelessly thrown comb or barrette on such a shelf, like an avalanche, will provoke a series of actions aimed at increasing things stored on this product, which in the end will necessarily lead to mess and confusion. The balcony is another place that is simplydesigned to store various things. But do not rejoice ahead of time, because this space from the source of salvation from a possible confusion, often turns into an ordinary landfill. The interior of a small balcony will only bring aesthetic pleasure when you really appreciate the value of existing things and find the strength to place them not in the territory of a given space, but in the dustbin. Deprived of trash, in return, you get a great place, which, among other things, can be used for recreation. According to experts, you should not load a small balcony with entresols. This technique not only does not provide the necessary level of functionality, but also deprives you of the opportunity to admire the external beauty. The real estimate of the available space is,certainly a guaranteed key to success, which will be supported by another simple truth. When acquiring something new, try to get rid of the unnecessary, which is especially important and effective in the conditions of a small apartment.



About redevelopment in the apartment

Interior ideas for small apartments: redevelopment options

You can easily turn intofunctional and aesthetically appealing space for living and relaxing serene rest. The main thing is to clearly define the goal and carefully consider the location of all interior items and solutions. Do you live in a small studio? Would you like to form a cozy, serene and original environment? You will not believe, but you can easily achieve such an effect with the help of simple and straightforward solutions. Today we will acquaint you with a unique selection of ideas that will help you turn your modest accommodation into a luxurious two-room apartment. Now you can on a modest area of ​​35-40 square meters. m. arrange guest lounge, kitchen, dining room, room for sleeping, study and a large bathroom.

1. Bed in the closet

If the area of ​​your apartment does not allowto equip a separate boudoir, then try to enclose the bed with sliding partitions with translucent panels. A talented specialist Audron Ambraziene used for this the finest mirror planes mounted on rails. This solution will not only allow you to decorate the living room, but also equip a confidential corner for a relaxing stay and restful sleep. Stylish, spectacular and very attractive! Design by Audron Ambrasiene

2. Following the styling

Custom layout is aa real gift for those homeowners who decide to do odnushki reconstruction. In the housing with a long lobby, brick walls in the design of walls and huge window openings, experts used the loft style to decorate the interior decoration. The craftsmen installed partitions in the room with a black wooden frame and glass inserts. Such designs perfectly fit into the interior, perfectly zoning the room and do not prevent the spread of rays of sunlight. Loft decoration

3. Competent layout

Brilliant designer Mila Kolpakova designedand brought to life a delightful place for a couple. She reduced the size of the corridor and the bathroom, equipped the kitchen area next to the entrance door, and also found a place to organize a tiny bedroom. The remaining area was decorated with a miniature sofa set near the window. The bar counter divides the room, giving the atmosphere lightness and lightness. It also has a corner for wardrobe. For decoration of the interior of a small apartment a bright palette was selected. Design by Mila Kolpakova

4. Apartment with a secret

For a stylish and modern girl talentedSpecialist Irina Lavrentieva developed in a small studio an unusual layout with a roomy boudoir, where two wardrobes were located. A small nook around two windows occupied a small guest lounge and a practical kitchen area. Despite its modest size, the studio is filled with bright details and unexpected objects of the headset. Design by Irina Lavrentieva

5. Lightness and functionality

Large, spacious kitchen with island and cornerfor dining, as well as a bedroom, are located on a modest area of ​​33 square meters. m. At the same time housing looks very stylish, beautiful and functional. The bed is hidden under the wardrobe in the podium, and the ironing board is in the kitchen table. Thus, specialists managed to form a multi-level space. Here, all items and stylish furniture are in place. Multifunctional decoration

6. Light in the window

How to divide a studio into two zones, if in itonly one window opening. A room with a long form in this project was zoned to the bedroom and kitchen with a dining room. At the same time the room for the meal turned out to be without natural light. In order to create a cozy atmosphere, specialist Marina Sargsyan came up with an interesting illumination system built into the upper cabinets with glass facades. The result was an unusual effect. The decoration is complemented by a neutral palette, a practical multifunctional set and a creative tile with a floral ornament. Design by Marina Sargsyan

7. Boudoir under the ceiling

If your studio has very high ceilings (more thanthree meters), feel free to organize the second tier. This property was designed by designers from St. Petersburg. They equipped the apartment with a total area of ​​40 square meters. m. two-level space. On the upper floor there is a cozy bedroom and a bathroom, and the bottom - a living room, kitchen and dining room. The salon is decorated with beautiful elements of decor for the house and a stunning chandelier, which was made using metal circles and glass cones. Design by Marina Sargsyan

8. When partitions are not needed.

In a big one you can do without walls. For example, these apartments are an open space in which only a bathroom is isolated. Boudoir was fenced with high sliding doors with mirrored panels, visually increasing the area. They also provide an opportunity to create a confidential corner for relaxation and quiet pastime. Industrial decor

9. Bedroom as a work of art.

If the layout of your odnushki providesHotel dressing room, you can equip a bedroom in this room. Set up a bed on the podium, under which boxes with clothes and accessories can be arranged remarkably. Bright lighting allows you to accentuate this area, as well as form a cozy and aesthetically attractive modern interior design. When this room is not used, it is closed by sliding partitions. Spacious apartment layout

10. Islet for a relaxing stay.

In this, experts have created for the young familycouples with a child original layout. They separated the boudoir from the main space with the help of sliding partitions and translucent doors. In addition to the kitchen, large salon and bathroom, the craftsmen also managed to fit a tiny office in the apartment. Spacious apartment layout