Interior of a studio apartment

Ideas for small apartment interiors: compact design


Project implemented by the Nest studio teamCreative, convincingly proves that the lack of square meters is not a reason to abandon one or another component of the layout. The design created by her allowed the owners of a typical odnushka to become owners of a full-fledged apartment, including a kitchen, a bedroom, a mini-office and a living room. Now it has a separate space for a new family member, who will definitely appear here someday. The creative team of Nest Creative readily takes on the creation of unique images in the most unusual conditions. Their ideas work perfectly in all spaces, both private and public. The customers were young spouses Alexey and Natalia, who boldly make plans for the future and hope that soon there will be three people in their family. A few words about the preferences of each of them: Alexey pays close attention to the combination of colors, and Natalia is a supporter of conciseness in the interior. The designers had the task of creatingzoned space that accommodates a functional kitchen, bedroom, workplace and a full living room. At the same time, the interior was supposed to produce a holistic impression, distinguished by simplicity and the presence of expressive accents. For the result to bring satisfaction to both customers, it was necessary to take into account their individual taste preferences. To ensure the success of this project could onlyelaborate space organization. It was necessary to find a place for all the sought-after zones, not forgetting about the child planned by the customers. To do this, we had to dismantle the walls that already existed in the apartment and form a new ergonomic volume containing an isolated bedroom and a section for the cot. A lightweight partition separates the hall from the living room combined with a compact kitchen.

The project of the lighting system was developed in three areas:

  • general lighting, including ceiling and other embedded devices that evenly distribute light over the entire area;
  • accent lighting produced by hanging lights, generates the right mood in the interior and makes it more alive;
  • working lighting - built-in LEDs above the surface of the kitchen table and a reading lamp for reading - serves the local areas of space.

The color palette is neutral, spanninga wide range of shades of beige and brown. The expressiveness of the decor is provided by wallpapers with geometric patterns, printed sofa cushions and wall panels. Most of the furniture in the apartment is made to order. The wardrobe with niches for desk lamps in the bedroom deserve special attention. We hope that our review will inspire you to your own design achievements, which you can proudly tell other readers.