The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

If you do not tolerate teddy bears and rjushechek: interior for fashion and independent


How to express your exclusivity,Individuality in the interior, and at the same time remain fashionable? Especially if you are a young, bold, independent girl who does not like teddy bears and vanilla shades. If you are independent and follow fashion trends, pay attention to the industrial style, as in this apartment. There are apartments in Madrid (Spain). This atmosphere makes you feel exceptional. There is a possibility that in this apartment there lives a young girl under 30 years old. She is stylish, keeps up to date and builds a career as a lawyer. He loves traveling and is not yet married, although a young man is. In such an interior, it is easier to express emotions and easier.change the scenery. Despite the fact that the color of decoration and furniture in the interior is mostly light and gray, the apartment looks cheerful and cozy: a fun bedroom, a spacious elegant kitchen, a bright living room, a comfortable work area, a comfortable bathroom and a cozy outdoor terrace. Our opinion: - This impression was achieved thanks to the bright accessories and decor items. Bold combinations and non-standard vision of simple things made the interior interesting. For example, using a simple niche in the sofa area makes it easy to create any mood. It is worth changing only the decor items. By the way, decorative pillows in the youth environment may well fit instead of a pouf. Although in Spain it is customary to gather with friends in a cafe, home gatherings are not excluded. Especially when a big company is gathering.

Behind the glass…

This apartment was originally decidedspatial organization by combining the living room with the kitchen. But what is surprising is that they are separated from each other by a glass sliding partition. The kitchen looks very elegant, there is enough space for not only dining. The passage areas are well thought out so that it is easy to move. There are many modern items in it. However, one part of the wall is made with a vintage touch. A large suitcase serves as a chest of drawers. Photos complement the composition. It is so easy to give the interior a special look: transparent shell, wood, metal, light finish look very modern and solve the problems of space, brightness and visual connection.

Working area for an independent person

How to fit a work area into an open areaspace so that it blends harmoniously with all areas? Here is how this issue was solved in this case. It is in a convenient location next to the window. Wooden simple shelves-niches look great with a warm floor and plastic on the window, stylized as a tree. They complement the atmosphere with love - photos, paintings, flowers. A vintage typewriter in vibrant color has become an accent spot in this piece. This is probably a nostalgic item that symbolizes the beginning of a career. Whatever it was, they decided to express emotions in this interior. It's easy to change everything, add or remove something. Functional and convenient! And most importantly, everything goes well with each other.

Functional use of simple wooden pallets

There is also a spacious terrace in this apartment - a placerest after intense fighting on the legal battlefield. Here we see that our heroine still loves to make something. Our opinion: - Many people know that ordinary pallets are easy to use in a modern home. This is exactly the case when they found a worthy use. Check out these comfy sofas and coffee table. Yes, they are made from pallets. Only painted white. When there is such a luxurious terrace, you can constantly equip and change something in it.