It is impossible to believe, but Richard Gere's house is not at all what it should have been

On August 31, 65 is celebrated as a Hollywood star andsex symbol of the 90's - Richard Gere. Despite the crazy popularity and solid fees, at home the actor is very modest, as evidenced by the interior of his country house in Hampton Charming cottage Richard Gere is located near the beach in the resort Hampton. It is surrounded by beautiful trees, thanks to which the house was called Too Many Maples, which in translation means "Too many maples". The design of the house is made in different styles. For example, in the design of one of the bedrooms used wooden beams under the ceiling, a rough parquet board, furniture from dark wood, blue and blue accents. All these interior details are clear signs of the colonial style. In the other bedroom, we see French windows, fireplaces and the predominance of light pastel shades. This decor is typical for classical European interiors. One of the two living rooms, finished with woodenboards, suggests a cozy Swiss chalet. But the interior of the second definitely has an eclectic character. It captures, for example, ethnic motifs, as evidenced by a table-ottoman with an original print in the spirit of kilima, a carpet with oriental ornaments and a skin thrown over an armchair. Almost all the premises in the house are duplicated. Canteens were no exception. One of them is formalized rather informally. Children's drawings on the walls, striped pillows and a large wooden table create a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere. The second canteen is more official. The keynote of the interior is a tree: a wooden board on the floor, wooden furniture, even a mirror - and then in a wooden frame. All premises in the house have their own character and brightexpressed individuality. However, a common feature for each room is the lack of luxury items and pompous decorative details. The interior of the house surprises with its modesty and unpretentiousness (especially if you take into account the name and good financial condition of its owner).

How to create an interior in the style of Richard Gere

  • Do not necessarily limit yourself in preferences,choosing a single style for all rooms in the house. If you approach the design of interiors as separate, independent projects, it will be easier to create the right atmosphere in each room.
  • Riot of colors, glitter of metal, radiance of gloss -all this with time starts to tire. When creating the concept of an interior, remember that it should please you and after many years. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to natural materials and natural colors, which offers us the best designer in the world - nature.
  • You can really feel comfortableyourself only in a house whose interior reflects your character. Do not be afraid to fill the situation with personal things and expensive trinkets. They make the interior animate.