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Away from Anna Medleva, an architect with many facets

Our guest today managed to work togetherwith a legendary personality, create your own collection of furniture, contribute to the formation of one of the largest exhibitions in the world and become a happy mother. We are sure that this is just the beginning. Today our guest is Anna Medleva - an architect and designer with a unique and more than versatile activity. During her career, which is just in full swing, Anna managed as much as other professionals would have had enough for several lives. How did she do it? Let Anna Medleva tell us herself. Anna Medleva, architect

Principles of work of Anna Medleva


I have no preferences for styles, I believe thata true professional should not care which style to work in. Here is your handwriting, your own style is another matter. But it's difficult for me to judge myself about this, it's for the viewer's judgment, let him decide whether I have my own style or not. It's another matter if we talk about preferences in our own interiors. But everything depends on the object. It can be a hard minimalism, if you like, and a free, imposing fusion, in which I will be warm and cozy, if it is a question of own apartment for example.

Price list

Not the highest, probably, but not low. I consider my team to be high-level specialists, but for professionalism it is necessary to pay. We often have to correct other people's mistakes. Clients, wishing to save money, order the project based on the price policy, not understanding what they will get as a result. As a rule - how much they paid, then they got it. Then you have to pay us, or someone like us. The proverb says: "Miserly pays twice" - what can you do about it?


Exclusively in professionalism. We are going through a very interesting time. The market is full of services, the essence of which is not very clear. A lot of people call themselves designers, graduating from some courses ... What is this? Some grief-builders ... and there are many such. We offer our customers a full package of services, from ideas and ideas to full implementation. Up to the slippers at the entrance, if you like. And we give a guarantee on our services. Now, only very professional teams work in this way, who have not survived in one crisis, and who do not have the task to fill their pockets today, but tomorrow - the grass does not grow.

The coolest project

Be that as it may, but my coolest project isthis is my daughter. And this project is not finished yet. When I release her into adulthood, then I will say: "Yes ... not in vain all this time ...". Think so. If we talk about professional activities, then I would not talk about the "coolness" of the projects, I would divide them into the most interesting and, probably, the most complex. I've always liked challenging puzzles since high school. The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is to look for a solution and the more pleasure from the result. So, for example, it was infinitely interesting to work on the equestrian center "Divny", which was built near the village of Padikovo. This is an area of ​​14 hectares, where everything, absolutely everything is invented and developed in my workshop. I remember how we made the first presentation for our client. How we selected the materials and dreamed that we would build the arena itself from glued structures. How the first master plan was painted. How the first houses were composed. I wanted to use the tree to the maximum, because sports, horses, nature are the components of the project. But life has made adjustments. I had to make other constructive and aesthetic decisions. But nevertheless, the complex turned out to be extraordinary. With fairly simple architectural forms, we managed to find the solutions that made this complex memorable and recognizable. Despite the rejection of wood, we found techniques in the interior, and the plasticity of the facades, and the colors of objects. We have worked on absolutely all the premises from the point of view of their filling, creating an atmosphere, and image. It is a pity that not everything was implemented. But nevertheless, for example, I made the restaurant and the main entrance group together with maestro Ingo Maurer. His light objects - they cannot be called simply lamps - complemented the space, decorated the interior, and brought charm to it. And it was a pleasure to work with him. Of course, as always, we wanted to do more than the customer allowed us. The limitation is always the same - the economy. But I am glad that the entrance lobby and the restaurant were nevertheless implemented jointly with Ingo Maurer. There was also a unique project of the IGuzzini factory forof this complex. I worked on it together with the technical department of the factory and my lighting specialists for about six months. The result of our work was a letter sent by my customer to me on my birthday: “Anna, thank you so much! Everything is very beautiful!". It was nice. But the project was not destined to come true. Again, the economy. And I had to fly to China with my colleague and try to implement the lighting of the entire complex within the budget allocated for this. Something we succeeded, some did not. China is China. It is impossible to guess how these lamps will behave in six months, a year ... All the houses built on the territory of the complex were also completely and completely designed by us, not only in terms of architectural solutions, but also interior ones. And they were implemented, at least in finishing, close to what we had intended. Of course, within the budget allocated for this. One of my favorite was my exhibitionproject. Favorite projects, as a rule, are those that are born and born, like children. From idea to realization entirely, without pressure from the customer, in harmony and happiness.

About me and about the team

I was born in Kazan, in a family of two architects.My parents were promising young professionals, and therefore immediately after graduating from the institute they got an interesting job. Mom worked in a restoration workshop, and dad - in the Heads of the APU of his hometown, on new projects. I remember how dad sat at night, bending over the drawing board, which was leaning back from the wall in the kitchen ... I don’t know if this ultimately influenced my choice of profession, but leaving music, physics and medicine, I nevertheless made a choice in benefit of architecture. After graduating from the physics and mathematics school, I entered the architectural faculty of the Kazan Civil Engineering Institute, which my parents also graduated from. After the 3rd year I transferred to the Moscow Architectural Institute, where I graduated from the Department of Reconstruction and Restoration in Architecture. After graduating from the institute, I had the opportunity to work at the SpetsProektRestavratsiya institute on Izmailovsky Island, under the guidance of an outstanding restorer Nina Ivanovna Bykovskaya. Then for a while in the company of well-knownarchitects Kirill Gorodov and Georgy Pryanishnikov, I taught design at my own department. Then my friend invited me for an interview at the young, gaining momentum, the architectural studio of Andrey Rudakov "2P Studio". I entered there as an architect, and immediately received my first assignment to design the interior of the Saga Swiss watch boutique, which is still located in the building of the cinema center on Krasnaya Presnya. True, the interior has already been redone. No wonder, almost 20 years have passed. Then there were other tasks. While working there, I met my future husband, Renata Polyakov, with him we later created our own design bureau and Studio Spot agency. Then I "got sick" with Italy. We traveled a lot to exhibitions, wrote articles about new designs for our architectural publications, such as "Stool", "ArchiDom", Salon-inteior, "Mezzanine". We were friends with everyone, everyone knew us and published many of our projects. Then I decided to get a second education and entered the Institute. M. Toreza, to the Italian branch. And at the same time, she made her first collection of Cosmo's factory furniture, which we showed with great success for the first time in Milan during the International Furniture Exhibition Salone del Mobile, in the Fuori Salone program that is gaining popularity. Then I had such world-famous friends as Luca Scacchetti, Ivan Bay, Antonio Acito, Enrico Tonucci and, of course, my beloved Ingo Maurer, with whom we tried to implement very daring projects in Moscow. Those who have been doing this for about 20 years will not give melie - we stood at the origins, at the very beginning of the development of a grandiose in scale event, the name of which is now iSaloni. For several years in a row, Renat and I arranged a Russian exposition in the Fuori Salone program, which we ourselves developed and produced. Then I decided that I needed to qualitatively improve my knowledge in the development of interior design, and I entered the Milan Polytechnic Institute for courses for specialists in the development of public interiors. Then there were PoliDesign courses in the same place, but this is much later. Over the years, the studio has undergone many changes - not only in the name and in the quality of the content of the projects. We participated in the development of design solutions for the Moscow Hotel, which is 40,000 square meters of rooms and apartments, as well as public areas such as a lounge, restaurants and a reception. The company has on its account the settlements of individual and blocked development in the Podolsk district, near Troitsk, in the Istra district, in the Mytishchi district. In the Podolsk region, according to the reconstruction project developed by us, a building of the recreation center was built in the village of Factory named after May 1. Not so long ago, in 2013, with the support of myfriends from the agency ADI-M Peter and Anton Alexandrovs, I came up with and implemented the exhibition "Architecture of Russia - past, present, future." The first part of it was devoted to the work of the most extraordinary of Russian architects - Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov. My friends and I worked on the preparation of this exhibition for almost a year. As part of the exhibition, I managed to hold a grandiose-scale competition for young architects "Avangard Prize", of which I became a partner in 2013. This exhibition and competition was shown in Milan during the iSaloni, in one of the most prestigious galleries in Milan, Spazio Crizia, alongside the inspired works of the genius Ingo Maurer. Further, this exhibition visited the city of Pesaro during the film festival there, then it was shown at ArchMoscow, in the Next section. In the future, I hope to continue this work, there are ideas for many years to come. Today our company is engaged in investment and private projects, very personalized. We still love interiors, and when it comes to the construction of suburban real estate, we offer the buyer a turnkey finished product with all interior solutions. The market situation dictates its own rules of the game. These are not luxurious villas, but understandable, cozy small houses for young families, realized for reasonable money. But, as they say, every fool can make expensive and beautiful, but inexpensive, elegant and stylish - you have to try. Probably today this is the motto of our company: "high quality, comfortable, stylish and affordable."