Visiting the etk fashion

On a visit at multistans from the architectural bureau Al Studio

This time we were visited by a team of architects withrich and very multifaceted experience - in addition to houses and apartments, Al Studio was engaged in school design, a skating rink at VDNKh and many other interesting projects. Al Studio was founded by Vasily Soshnikov 13 years ago. During this time, he managed to educate a team of independent, young and daring architects from an apprentice. Al Studio's portfolio includes many private interiors and houses, apartment buildings, residential areas, a secondary school, parks, a skating rink at VDNKh and a whole collection of new concepts. In addition, Al Studio projects are constant participants in competitions. Some of the bureau's works have already received awards, for example, loft interiors at Kristall. According to the bureau staff, architecture is above styles, so the Al Studio team is interested in the very essence of creativity, because the requests from customers are very different. Often, architects are faced with contradictions when it is impossible to solve a task within the framework of one style.


Bright projects

Today Al Studio has many projects that deserveattention, some are at the design stage, others are just being planned. However, there are those in which there were very interesting nuances. For example, Al Studio made an object with representatives of the Loher company - three generations of the founders of this company are engaged in the interiors of yachts and have completely equipped the apartments from Al Studio with very sophisticated carpentry. To unload Loher trucks, eight representatives of the company specially came to Moscow for one day. Another interesting experience is building a house in Togliatti. Architectural supervision was arranged as follows: at 5 am - a taxi to the airport, flight, taxi there, at 12 the architect at the construction site, at 17 again a taxi, flight, to 22 houses. Very cool! Ivan Kolmanok, architect:- I must note the skating rink at VDNKh, a very interesting practice, we drew the first sketches four months before the opening. Very short terms and burden of responsibility. The opening day is set rigidly, it is impossible not to be in time - I remember that the first visitors enter the pavilions, and the workers leave at the same time through the doors opposite. Ivan Kolmanok, architect:- We have designed an amazing school for Togliatti. The client requested European quality in both architecture and interiors, and it turned out to be very difficult to implement this. After all, everything that concerns children is regulated by iron, otherwise the architecture of schools and kindergartens in Russia would have had a completely different weight for a long time. What can still be applied is insanely expensive. During the period when the project was submitted for examination, the chief engineer and I did not sleep for probably a month. Every day they rejected our next beautiful decisions, and we began to look for an opportunity to stay within the framework of the norms and make excellent interiors. Ivan Kolmanok, architect:- And I would also like to highlight our project, submitted to the competition for the lofts of the Kristall plant. At the competition, everything is extremely simple: the more elaborate and clear your project is, the higher your chances of winning. So the whole team was in the workshop on January 3, and the first day off fell on March 8, but we managed to fully immerse ourselves in the project.


- - Ivan, tell us about the price tag for your services.- - Al Studio moves away from the price per meter. This is an archaic thing that gives a lot of opportunities for dumping, now we design and implement objects, leaving ourselves the agreed percentage, 10% -25% of the total budget. These amounts include the cost of the project and the general contract, and those discounts that the bureau has earned from suppliers over 13 years go to the client, everything is open and transparent. - - What is the uniqueness of your services? - - Each new project must be steeper than the previous one, otherwise you will quickly fly out of the market. Actually, all uniqueness is built on this idea. - - Tell us about your favorite brands. - - Maybe this is not correct, but we do not have this, all content is selected for the context every time from scratch, otherwise, I'm afraid, we will become outdated. - - What is the geography of your services? - - Moscow and the region, Togliatti, Astrakhan, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Milan. - - Tell us about the most unusual case from your practice. - - Quite recently, a client approached us with an offer to participate in a tender for the design of housing and an office in a newly built apart-complex with an area of ​​200 square meters. He said that we will have to compete with the St. Petersburg team. Supposedly ready to provide a full range of services for 37 thousand rubles. - - What was the most difficult task you faced in your work? - - It was very difficult to comply with all the norms when designing the school.