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In harmony with nature: the amazing house of Will Smith in Malibu


September 25 celebrated the birthdayThe only and unique Will Smith. We prepared a gift for all fans of his talent: a virtual tour of the amazing house of the actor in Malibu. At first glance, Will Smith's house in Malibu seems not quite real. He seemed to be fashioned out of clay, and is more like a decoration for the next film in the fantasy genre with the participation of the actor than habitable family nest. But so were their ideal home Uill Smit and his family: the house, in harmony with nature so much that comes to mind is the thought of him Miraculously creation - house, which grew out of the sand. Inside the house there is a feeling that allits design is fashioned by hand. A similar effect was achieved by designer Stephen Samuelson (Stephen Samuelson) with a triple layer of plaster, which he covered the walls and ceilings of the rooms. The natural basis of the interior is emphasized by open wooden ceiling beams and floors finished with wood and carved stone. Ethnic mood of the interior is formedthanks to antiquarian and antiquated objects that have Asian, African and Latin American backgrounds. For example, the entrance doors to the house of the Smiths used to serve as gates in the Indian fort. The original interior design exquisitely complements"Primitive" decor, created by the invited decorator Judith Lance (Judith Lance). Working on decorative accessories, Judith was inspired by images of prehistoric jewelry. So, in the living room there was a chandelier made of bronze and leather, decorated with rock crystal, and in the bedroom - an unusual canopy of many metal chains.

How to create an interior in the style of Will Smith:

  • Harmony with nature is the guarantee of harmony of life. It is worth remembering this always, including during the moments of registration of your own home. Maximize the use of natural materials in the interior, and the atmosphere of your house will be filled with the natural harmony of nature.
  • Natural, or ecological style is beautifulcombined with ethnic motives. Having formed an atmosphere of items related to the history of different nationalities, you will make the interior richer, more intellectual, without violating its natural atmosphere.
  • All the best has already been invented by someone. In search of ideas for the interior, do not be lazy to look into the history of design for 50, 100 or even 200 years ago. You certainly will find a lot of interesting and unexpected solutions.