The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

In the marine style: a two-room apartment for a young couple -


How to decorate an apartment in a nautical style so thatdidn't it look like a resort ad set? The answer to this question is known by the designer Victoria Skorobogatko - the author of a modern and bright interior, in which even the smallest details remind of the sea. But you will not find banal receptions here. On the eve of summer, we all dream of the sea and the sun, but the owners of this apartment - a young, tenderly loving each other and recently already a married couple - feel a light sea breeze regardless of the season. The reason for this is a common love for the color blue, the sea and everything connected with it, which resulted in a colorful interior designed by Victoria Skorobogatko with a nautical accent. Victoria Skorobogatko, designer A graduate of the art and graphic faculty of OSU and a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Over 10 years of experience, as well as courses from the British Higher School of Art and Design and the International School of Design. Victoria sees the main goal of her work not to satisfy her own design ambitions, but to create a cozy and comfortable living space that would correspond to the taste and wishes of customers. He believes that every project should be of high quality and thought out to the smallest detail, therefore he does not lead many orders at the same time. Style and layout The main wishes of the customers concerned, first of all, the palette and style of the interior. Favorite by both Victoria used in each room in different variations and shades, and it was decided to achieve a sea mood without resorting to too obvious tricks: blue and white stripes, boats and anchors. Since initially the apartment had a fairly logical layout, and the area of ​​80 squares made it possible to accommodate everything you need without unnecessary tweaks, no structural changes had to be made. As a result, the apartment has a standard but comfortable layout with a spacious bedroom, a kitchen-dining room, a living room, a functional dressing room and one, but a spacious bathroom. Hallway Blue is the brightest colorimmediately upon entering the apartment: in the hallway, its rich shades are used in the decoration (decorative plaster) and in the lacquer coating of the console and the banquet. In contrast to deep blue - light floor, ceiling, cabinet fronts and doors. Also, in the hallway, light deserves attention: there is a built-in lighting along the perimeter of the ceiling, which gives the effect of soft uniform lighting without a visible source. Kitchen-dining room There are already others in the kitchenshades of blue: menthol on the glossy backsplash tile, aqua on the wall above it, a KitchenAid blue planetary mixer and a bright blue color spot for plastic dining tables. Neutral background for such saturated tones becameQuiet in color and style kitchen set from the Italian factory Scavolini, white folding table and other walls, painted in a complex shade of brown. Together with the bright windows and the cream-colored granite on the floor, they counterbalance the cold part of the palette. An important feature of the kitchen is panoramic glazing. On the one hand, it provides the room with natural light and allows owners to admire the beautiful scenery, on the other - it was important to make sure that the street was not visible to what is inside. The solution was found in the form of 3D-blinds with lamellas on a three-dimensional fabric basis, working from the console. When you need to change their position, they smoothly rotate around their axis. Particular attention should be paid to plasticDining chairs Calligaris: they remind of the sea not only in blue, but also with an unusual texture, imitating the water surface with a divergent circle around it. However, chairs are not the only place in the kitchen where you can sit. Near the dining area is a small sofa-bed, on which you can comfortably relax or read a book. Victoria Skorobogatko, designer:- In the kitchen, as in other rooms, different types of lighting are used, so that you can create different lighting scenarios. The main light is a central chandelier made of white ceramics, unusual due to its "leaky" shape, somewhat reminiscent of a sea plant or a jellyfish. There is also a built-in light in the kitchen along the work surface (under the wall cabinets) and in the dining area. Along the window glazing there are a number of overhead swivel lamps in the form of white bulbs, and next to the sofa and table there are small swivel sconces for local lighting. Living Room The main palette of the living room is turquoise, white and red as an accent. An open white rack was built into the niche behind the sofa, made to order according to the designer's sketches. The wall behind it was painted a bright turquoise color, the shade of which is supported by two hanging cabinets-cases on the opposite wall. Due to the presence of a bay window with a non-standard angle in the living room, the sofa was also made to order according to the designer's sketches, so that it would fit as accurately as possible. According to Victoria, it took a long time to look for a manufacturer who would have made the desired size and configuration without putting up a huge price tag. As a result, we stopped at the Italian factory Domingo Salotti. In the living room there are all conditions for recreation: In addition to a comfortable sofa and TV, a real home theater is installed here. On the wall behind the sofa hung a projector, on the top along the perimeter there are built-in columns, and in the niche of the ceiling a large screen is hidden. The biofireplace of the company is built into the cabinet under the TVPlanika: it runs on a special biofuel, that is, a real fire burns in it, but there is no fumes or smoke from it, therefore, an exhaust hood is also not required. If you turn off the central light and leave only soft lighting around the perimeter, together with the fireplace, it creates a cozy atmosphere and a romantic mood. Viktoria Skorobogatko, designer: - The sea mood in the living room is also created by the red coral chandelier from the Lumen Center factory. The curtains matched to her are also embroidered with various corals. The embroidery is voluminous, so the fabric looks very impressive up close. When we were looking for the fabric for the curtains and saw a sample of this coral-embroidered fabric, I and the customers liked it so much that we decided to order only it. The red coral theme is also supported by cushions with different coral patterns. In addition to the place for rest, at the request of the hosts inThe living room had to be placed and the working area, while making it as inconspicuous as possible. In the process of working on the project, the customer found a compact design - a small computer desk "Astolik" with a width of only 368 mm, which took its rightful place next to the sofa. The bedroom It was decided to decorate the bedroom in morewarm and calm colors, so that there is not too much blue and it does not bother you. However, in the general beige palette, there was still a place for local blue accents. One of the wishes of the owners regarding the bedroomThere was a script of a non-main muffled light that would create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in the room. For this, a shallow niche with illumination was arranged behind the bed. The space inside was covered with wallpaper with a picture of the paisley, which the customer liked so much that he decided to repeat it on the curtains too: there, however, it is not so noticeable, as it is simply squeezed out onto the fabric. The centerpiece of the bedroom is a largecozy Meridiani bed with soft. Since customers do not always have time to spread and cover a voluminous top cover, the designer decided to abandon it and limited herself to a light sachet with velvet trim in the color of the bed. The ceiling is decorated with a large chandelier of the Italian factory Axo Light from gray-blue suede. Bathroom Due to the rather large areaa bathroom, in it there was a place for all the necessary plumbing, including a large bath with different types of hydromassage, which customers dreamed of. Also, a built-in column wardrobe with a washing and drying machine was placed in the bathroom. Opposite the bath hung long shelves with hiddenBacklight for accessories and cosmetics. The same illumination is also above the bathroom, which allows you to create a relaxed and romantic mood when the main light is turned off. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • Banquet and console - Moda (Italy);
  • Built-in lighting - Spectral (Germany), system BLADE.

Kitchen-dining room:

  • Suite - Scavolini (Italy);
  • Dining chairs - Calligaris (Italy), model L'EAU.

Living room:

  • The rack is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • The sofa is made to order according to the sketches of the designer;
  • Bio-fireplace - Planika (Russia);
  • Computer desk - Astolik (Russia);
  • Chandelier-coral - Lumen Center (Italy).


  • Bed - Meridiani (Italy);
  • Chandelier - Axo Light (Italy).


  • Suspended toilet bowl - Villeroy & Boch (Germany);
  • Bidet - Villeroy & Boch (Germany);
  • Mixer - Hansgrohe (Germany), model PuraVida.

Photos of Viktor Chernyshov.