Garage arrangement

We increase the living space of the house at the expense of the garage

Claire Paquin, designer and mother of two,desperately wanted to have a hallway at home in New York. The only problem was that it was impossible to make her in the Tudor style with its magnificent architectural details, which her entire family loves, because of the small space. Only for visitors to the Small Interiors, we will tell you how to act when you need a furnished entrance hall.

Room redevelopment

Claire decided to take away from the garage,adjacent to the house (the door on the right leads to the cars), an area of ​​1.5 m wide and 4 m long to arrange the hallway wardrobe. And for a comfortable parking extended garage on the other side. “If I had ever designed a house from scratch, I would have made a giant hallway,” the hostess says. Her design firm is located in the same house, so that there is heavy traffic in the aisle of at least three employees and four family members. "We had to constantly walk between coats, hats, backpacks and sports equipment, we really needed a dressing room." For the new hallway, Claire used a leaded glass door and window that remained from the original house. It was more an aesthetic choice than practical - without them it would be very dark.

Arrangement of hangers

A row of bottom hooks allows the use of squareunder window. Hangers at this height are convenient for children and motivate them to put their belongings in place. The choice of design of the hooks themselves is also not accidental. According to the designer, it is quite difficult to find the right option. These are strong, double, rounded: you can not be afraid to perforate the fabric.

Hallway interior design

Porcelain stoneware tiles toonot chosen by chance. According to the hostess, she hides the dirt remaining from street shoes, which is especially important in the autumn-winter period. A bench and a mirror make for each member of the family a convenient place to prepare for the exit. This is especially important for children: you can sit down to take off or put on shoes. Hooks higher designed for adults. They are crowned with children's drawings, hung on a rope. “Many people want to make a gallery of creative achievements of their kids. I really like this idea, but there was a place in the hallway for its implementation. I simply stretched the wire with the clips, and all the latest children's masterpieces are sent to this art wall. Pictures are constantly changing as new ones appear. After all, art is in constant motion. "

Home storage systems

At the end of the room, next to the transition, whichleads to the garage or living room, there is a place to store things, specially designed and equipped in such a way as not to block the passage. The rack with a depth of 33 cm is covered with white lacquer paint on the outside and metal inside, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the color scheme of the room. It was necessary to choose something durable and practical. Dark paint hides the scuffs that occur when you have to take or put things in place, and gives them a volume. The designer keeps the rack filled with seasonalitems. Now, in the gymnastics season, there is a container for leotards, and in the summer there will be a box with bathing suits. It creates less fuss before leaving and saves time. The hostess regrets only one thing: there is no opportunity to arrange a cozy place for visitors. Claire Paquin is sure not to underestimate the importance of the hallway. “For me, this is the most important room in the house, it helps us to become organized and reduces the stress arising from finding the necessary things before leaving,” she says.