Decor of small squares

Inventive design projects of small apartments

can be decorated very stylishly and even withmore ingenuity than large rooms. A limited number of square meters is not a reason to abandon modern comfort and the embodiment of your favorite artistic image. In a small space, parts play a special role; in fact, the original interior is made up of them. Not to do without the techniques of visual illusions that can bring the distant one closer and move the close one away, create additional volume and depth. The basis of these tricks is light, color and play with the size of the furnishings. A collection of photos from the Little Interiors allows you to find a suitable design option for a small area and turning it into a fully-functioning housing. Please note that the light scale can add footage, and in a combination of white ceiling and darker walls also add height. The more sources of illumination, the clearer the outlines of objects, the fuller the sense of freedom and spaciousness. A complex system of illumination from natural light from windows, ceiling and wall lamps can create a real miracle of dimension transformation. An interesting method of expansion, contraction and increase and decrease in height, as can be seen from the presented photos, is a game with vertical and horizontal components in the interior. Small format furniture visually makes the room more voluminous. The tendency of modern industrial design is to create multifunctional furnishings, transformers, which provides the inhabitants with all the elements necessary for life. Collection of images from the Little Interiors onThis time it is devoted to ready-made design projects of small-sized residential premises, studio apartments,. A real photo gallery opens before you: an extravaganza of colors and decor elements, with which you can forget about stamps and dullness forever and surround your life with a functional, aesthetic and unique atmosphere. Pay attention to the techniques that visually expand the walls, make higher ceilings, highlight the necessary accents and hide the "extra" details.

  • Play with lighting. The more natural and artificial light, the more voluminous the room seems.
  • The choice of color range. Light colors interspersed with bright decorations or accessories, the use of contrasting color combinations, vertical and horizontal stripes, certain patterns on textile products and wallpaper can change the spatial impression beyond recognition.
  • Placement of small-sized furnishings, which are also characterized by multifunctionality and ability to transform.
  • The decoration elements, concise and expressive, make the interior complete and "alive".

Take advantage of interesting solutions presented in the photo selection. We are sure that the result will surprise and delight you.