The interior of a small kitchen

Innovative project of a mini-kitchen for hostels

Actual question:how to equip a kitchen in a small room? It is well known that for a long time houses were built without taking into account the wishes of the tenants. The so-called small apartments, and there are a lot of them, have tiny kitchenettes. Two people in such a kitchen can hardly walk next to each other, but one wants comfort and space. It turns out that there are compact options for such a small "galley". We will be happy to share our knowledge with our readers. The Royal Institute of British Architects has developed several models of mini-kitchens. Home Wise recently launched them. You will never guess why the institute raised the issue of minimizing this area and creating it. So, this is connected with space flights! Space at space stations is small, but it is necessary to accommodate the maximum of devices necessary for preparation. It turns out that the problems of our housewives are akin to those of astronauts. Box houses are not capable of providing enough space for the modern comforts of family life. This is where the development of mini-kitchens came in handy. Many of the major hotels provide roomsunder the apartment and studio. These small rooms are designed for permanent housing for single people and small families. How to arrange everything in this space? One of the exits is to design a kitchen combined with a dining room. This will give at least a little extra space. Well help in such a situation, compact design. The French company Kitchoo has developed. Customers are offered a variety of configurations. The presented design is provided with all functional components:

  • telescopic mixer;
  • small working surface of the table;
  • induction panel with two rings;
  • built-in fridge freezer.

On top, everything is covered with a lid. In the assembled state, this kitchen looks like a dresser. There are options with additional hinged mezzanine, which are integrated microwave and grill. The complete set also includes a dishwasher and a washing machine, as well as cutlery and trash boxes. Such gorgeous compact kitchens are reallytake up little space. They will be the saving solution for many families. Having the appearance of a conventional cabinet and occupying a minimum of space, this design in an expanded state is practical and well-equipped. Behind the five doors are hidden all the necessary units for cooking. Currently, many are deprived of kitchenopen space. The saying "In cramped, not mad" in the best possible way corresponds to our places of residence. The use of compact sets in such cases will greatly simplify life and create comfort.