The interior of a small balcony

Interesting ideas for the design of a small balcony

The sunniest season of the year will come very soon. If you believe weather forecasters, then we can assume that this summer will be quite hot. So this fact will serve as an excellent reason for residents of dusty cities to free them from all rubbish and give them a fresh life. Why not make a compact terrace out of the balcony, on which it will be nice to have a candlelit dinner or admire the beautiful dawn with a cup of your favorite coffee in your hands.

Portable furniture

And a very small loggia or balcony canreplace the small family dining room in the summer. Just think how nice it is to enjoy your favorite homemade food in the open air when you don’t have to go anywhere. Folding chairs and folding tables take up very little space, but deliver a lot of pleasant emotions at a light dinner.


If you are full of desire and enthusiasm, it will beIt’s very easy to make a cozy place with a couple of pillows and a rug. It is possible to put some box, a rack or something to build from the boards as a frame. To give softness it is good to take a children's mattress and a little fabric, which you will be able to put on its covering. A few small pillows and an old blanket will add convenience and comfort.

Small garden

Not everyone has a summer cottage, where you can dofarming If you belong to this part of the population, then do not despair. After all, plant some berries, tomatoes, cucumbers or other greens by arranging a small greenhouse on your balcony. Many city dwellers already possess this experience, and basil and small cherry tomatoes are leading in cultivation on the loggias.

Small gallery

If greens and vegetables do not seduce you, thenTransfer to the balcony those poor flowers that have suffered all year from a lack of sunlight in the room. And you can buy some new seeds to diversify the front garden. You will cheer yourself up if you get new merry little pots for all the plants and take up the transfer.


Even today the trend is popular.grill or kebabs right on your balcony. Practically in any store there is a huge range of electric grills, including very compact ones, so go to the nearest hypermarket if you like to eat fried meat.