Interior 2015: what innovations will bring this year

What colors will be in vogue in 2015? What styles, textures, textures to use in interior design to keep up with the passage of time? Experts with a world name share their forecasts Even those who do not pursue fashion and prefer the situation "out of time" often want to refresh their interior, to give it a more modern look. For these purposes, it would be nice to be aware of the new design 2015. We learned the opinions of experts about what is waiting for us this year and are ready to tell you everything.


Pantone Color Institute®, globally recognizedan expert in the field of color, announced the color of Marsala as the main tone of 2015. This is a brownish-wine shade, the name of which comes from the Italian town of Marsala and the dessert wine of the same name. Leatrice Eisman, CEO of Pantone Color Institute®: - Marsala is a soft, enchanting shade that attracts with its enveloping warmth. It is versatile and can be used in fashion, beauty, industrial design and home interiors. In addition, in the next few seasons infashion, according to the Pantone Color Institute®, will be shades that are a combination of brightness and tenderness: pastel and natural tones, colors with muted brightness. The stylist of the online store of designer furniture adds two more colors to this list: classic white and lemon yellow. Yulia Chebotar, stylist of the online store of designer furniture - In 2015, light, but at the same time saturated colors will be in fashion. White will continue to play an important role not only in the decoration of the walls, but also in the arrangement of the main accents. It is worth paying attention to white furniture: it looks stylish and bright, and removable covers and modern materials used in designer furniture provide functionality. Another color that is relevant for 2015 is yellow. Sofas, armchairs, lemon-yellow textiles are great for lovers of ease and lightness in the interior. Decorating in light colors will visually expand the space and is perfect for small rooms.


In 2015, according to experts, it will remain infashion minimalism and Scandinavian style, black and white interiors will still be relevant. The spread of eco-style, as well as industrial and rustic style will continue. The use of handmade furniture and decor is gaining popularity. In fashion and inscriptions - as a way to make the space more personalized, individual. Yulia Chebotar, stylist of the online store of designer furniture - As for styles, Scandinavian minimalism remains in fashion. It is comfortable furniture with clean, straight lines, discreet colors and lack of congestion in the interior. The rustic style will continue to gain popularity - raw, unpainted wood, natural materials, warm shades from the palette of nature itself. It is these interiors that give a feeling of confidence and reliability, which is especially valuable for a period of change. You can add bright color accents to the interior in rustic or minimalist styles with the help of decor and textiles in bright colors. Gypsy motifs are now becoming fashionable: color painting, large patterns. This trend will continue throughout the year.


Your vision of textures, textures and shapes in 2015presented by the international B2B company ColorVoyant ®, specializing in color and design flows. The main direction that determines the development of design in 2015, according to the founding director of ColorVoyant ®, will be an idea under the symbolic name "silence" and four supporting themes: noise, Braille, blur and calm. Doty Horn, Founding Director of ColorVoyant®: - As you know, 93% of human communication is non-verbal (non-spoken) signals, which is why the topic of silence is important and relevant. She has four related themes. Topic 1: noise. The world demands our attention - not sometimes, but almost always and everywhere: TV, Internet, soundtrack ... Outside noise and attention to detail make us concentrate. Topic 2: Braille. This term quite accurately describes the perception of the world through touch. Forms and objects that need to be touched in order to better understand are relevant. As well as visual bulge effects that create extra dimensions on flat surfaces. Topic 3: blur. In fashion - gradient, blur, ombre and other shading and transition effects from one color to another. Topic 4: calmness. Streamlined shapes, a large amount of free light space, as well as quiet, calm tones that are perfectly combined, while remaining self-valuable, are gaining popularity.,,,,