Interiors of ceilings: tension, suspended structures

In the projects of premises, the decoration is importantthe ceiling. With the wrong choice of materials and colors, you can ruin the whole interior of the ceiling. Therefore, it is necessary to understand which ceiling is popular and suitable for your premises. Ceiling in the living roomThe ceiling design should correspond to the general picture of the interior of the living room.

Stretch ceiling

In the interior is often used stretch ceiling,Because it is practical, it is fast installation. Such tension structures have surprising properties of water retention. For them, you can choose a variety of designs. You can use both simple printing and photo printing. The most diverse can be a surface, the choice of which depends on the height of the ceilings. So, in small rooms with a low ceiling, glossy ceiling structures can not be used, as they will reduce the room dimensions. At a dark coloring of furniture and a floor the matte surface of a ceiling will be as it is impossible by the way. Stretch ceiling looks beautiful and aesthetic,In addition, it is a solid construction, which, for example, can save your house from flooding from above. Bright colors in the ceiling are used when the rooms are light and the ceilings are high enough. In such rooms, black color will look good. Nowadays, ceilings based on satin stretch fabric often make the room look more strict and neat. Benefits:

  • Design projects with various images, textures and colors;
  • In contrast to the plaster or plastered ceiling, does not need constant repair and does not crumble;
  • the liquid does not pass through;
  • simple, quick installation;
  • there is no need to prepare the ceiling;
  • the coating is durable;
  • the cost of material per square meter is about 300 rubles.

Along with the advantages of stretch ceilings areand some disadvantages: intolerance of low temperatures, overheating and punctures, as a result of which they become brittle and begin to crack quickly. Back to contents</a>

White standard stretch ceilings

Advantages of white stretch ceilings: ecological compatibility, moisture resistance, reliability, fire safety, quality, durability, low price. An example of respectability, elegance is the classic white color, so it is desirable to choose a white stretch ceiling. It is very relevant and is considered a standard, simple, unobtrusive solution. In interiors you can often find similar ceiling decorations. It does not matter which material: gypsum board, satin, painting or just alignment. When painting them, use acrylic paints, since this option is optimal and such a surface is more resistant to light. It does not wipe and is not afraid of moisture. White color in combination with other colors acquires various features. This ceiling is universal and suitable for all rooms. When choosing this classic option, you can be sure that in a few years it will remain relevant and fashionable, as before. Advantages of such structures are their ecological purity, moisture resistance, strength, exposure to negative temperatures, fire safety, durability, high quality, low price. The disadvantage is the welding seam in both glossy and matte films, which when installed the entire system will be slightly visible. Back to contents</a>

Suspended plasterboard ceilings

The ceiling of plasterboard is fixed on the crate,allowing you to level the ceiling and hide the wiring. As soon as stretch ceilings appeared, suspended steel was used infrequently. Although this option is also very popular. With gipsokartonnymi sheets to work very easily. They are easily cut and retain the desired rigidity, even when divided into small elements. Thanks to this, the figurative designs retain a balance of smoothness and reliability of the lines. The same applies to the aluminum profile, which is the base of the frame system of these ceilings. Suspended structures have a number of advantages:

  • Any irregularities and roughness of the substrate can be hidden with the help of them.
  • To establish gypsum plasterboard ceilings, unlike tension ones, you do not need to use special tools, since you can do a lot with your own hands.
  • Ideal surface in interiors of ceilings is created with the help of sheets of drywall.
  • There is the possibility of embedding LED lighting or lighting.
  • They are ecological, safe, plastic.
  • For the mounting and painting of such ceilingsit takes about four days. But if everything is done qualitatively, the result will be better than the tensioning structures. In addition to the advantages of gypsum boards, there are drawbacks.

  • You can not mount drywall in rooms with high humidity.
  • In small apartments any hinged ceiling will take away the height of the room.
  • Do not make gypsum plasterboard ceilings in new buildings, as shrinkage of houses can lead to cracks.
  • Over time, the form is lost, whiteness.
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    Suspended ceilings made of glass

    Some of the most elegant ceilings areglass pendant structures. Glass is a material that perfectly expands the space. The use of glass in the ceiling interiors makes the room light, filled with a light airy atmosphere. In the ceiling structure glass is used not only whole glass sheets, but also small fragments for stained glass from aluminum, plastic or wood. Suspended ceiling from the glass visually increasesThe space of the room makes it light and cozy. In the interior of suspended ceilings, glass can also be unnatural. For such structures, the acrylic glass is also suitable. Not only in an apartment building, but also in any other room, for example, in entertainment centers, beauty salons, shopping halls, water parks, modular glass ceilings look great. Since the glass very well passes and diffuses the light, it creates interesting lighting in the rooms. Pluses:

    • creation of wonderful ceilings with illumination;
    • attractive, fascinating view;
    • simplification of cleaning and maintenance;
    • setting it in the bathroom.


    • The combination of brittleness with hardness does not imply the installation of such a design with their own hands;
    • since the suspended ceilings with the glasses are heavy, the frame must be fixed firmly and reliably;
    • the main drawback is a very great danger when they are damaged;
    • high price.

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    Modular ceiling

    One of the advantages of modular ceilings isThe concealment of communications under construction. Looking at the possible options for ceiling finishes, you should think about their harmony with the floor, with walls, furniture. One such option is the modular ceiling, often used in modern offices. It is a relatively new solution and its appearance gives the owner of the apartment visual satisfaction. In addition, there is also functionality, because if the design deteriorates, a new module can be installed in its place. It consists of elements by the type of panels, slats. The frame grid can be hidden or highlighted. Modular ceilings are latticed, rack and cassette. One of the advantages of these interesting ceilings is the concealment of all communications under construction. Other advantages are: installation of additional insulation, long service life, operational installation, and the fact that in these structures the surfaces are not prepared. The disadvantages are the following: low-lying ceilings do not fit this design; There is an access restriction to communications. Back to contents</a>

    Wooden ceilings

    The scheme of the device of a wooden ceiling. Very often in the interior use a wooden ceiling. It has a great demand and does not lose its relevance. Beautiful will look like such ceilings and in the office, and at the cottage, and in the apartment, but they are ideal for a good house. Such a beautiful interior will give the room a prestigious appearance. Very affordable and easy to process materials is a tree. It provides thermal and sound insulation and adds comfort to the room. Many believe that wooden ceilings are intended solely for the design of summer cottages, cottages, expensive restaurants. But with the right choice of finishing material, it can be applied in the apartment. There are a lot of wooden finishing options, so the ceilings made of wood can perfectly fit into different interiors. They can be painted, made combinations with stained-glass windows, and made with the help of carving. The main methods of finishing are the installation of pre-prepared blocks and the finishing of the lining. Coatings from MDF also began to be used often. Wooden ceilings made of pine are very popular. Wooden ceilings have the following advantages:

    • durability, resistance to external influences;
    • good thermal and soundproof properties;
    • ecological compatibility;
    • beautiful appearance.


    • since the wooden ceiling can be destroyed under the influence of fungi, beetles, it needs special formulations that protect it from it;
    • fire hazard: wood of such a ceiling must be treated with a flame retardant mixture.

    So, the options for the design of ceilings are considered. They are not only a detail in the interior, but also a real decoration. </ ul>